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Apr 1, 2004
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Southern Illinois

I have tried several ways to add a photo to my post, but just cannot figure it out. I have uploaded to photobucket, but now am at a loss. I know that I have done it before, but I guess I have slept since then cause I just cannot remember what I did to get it from there to here. (I will not admit to getting older and more forgetful)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you are already on photobucket, you are more then 1/2 way there. You need to go and look at the bottom of the photos (at photobucket), and you will see 3 lines that start with different 3 letter acronymes. JPG. is the one you want, so you Right click it, copy it, then paste That line of goobldygook in the IMG window that appears after you hit it here on the LB board reply window.

Check to make sure that you only have http:/ Once, because if it is at the front of the gobblldygook twice, you image will be a red x.

Hope this helps, if not ask what doesn't make sense and I will try.

Ok...go to photobucket and choose your photo, if you want the small pic right click (if you want it bigger left click to get the big big)

then.....right click and a window will appear.....right click on "properties"....

another window will pop up.....right click on the address line....

another small window will appear....right click on "select all"...

then right click on the blue line of the address and right click copy, then left click OK....

THEN minimize that page go to your LB thread...see the second line above your post box that says IMG.....

left click on IMG and another window will appear...right click and click on paste then left click OK.

The pic addy should appear in your post box and when you click on add reply the pic will come up! Hope this helps.

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