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May 9, 2007
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Ok, I sew on my dining room table. It usually works. But my supplies are all over the place stashed here and there. Sunday I finally figured out how to sew doll hair from yarn. I had to put everything away to have supper and got everything out today to start up where I left off and my last sewn piece with the home made thing a ma jig are no where to be seen. I have looked high and low.

I honestly think I need a room to just leave everything up when I take a break. Also it takes five minutes on each end to get things out and put things away. I do have a space upstairs called a bonus room but the light is not good. It is on one wall and I cast a shadow on anything that I work on.

How do y'all keep things straight?

I am thinking of cabinets and shelving and lighting. Anyone care to share ideas and/or pictures?

Here are my bald clown dolls patiently waiting for their hair.

[SIZE=12pt]I used to sew on our dining table, but found a sewing desk (the kind with the flip up center) through My old Singer was made for just such a desk, so it works perfectly. My Serger lives on the desk on a large meal type tray that I can easily move back and forth. [/SIZE]

The desk has 4 drawers for small tools, threads & trims. Everything else is kept in two standing cabinets and the vast cabinets in our little guest room. That is where all larger spools of trim & fabrics are kept. I do have to move things back & forth, but I love not having it "out" all of the time.
I have sewn for years. For awhile I even had my own business of bridal work from I only do childrens clothing......have always claimed one of smaller bed rooms as my domaine! I have spent the money 15 years ago in a very expensive sewing L-shaped table and also have a cutting table keep shelves in the closet and only a very smmal table for the computer every inche is well used- but, I also take up the garage and still need room out there I also make porcelin dolls and have tons of molds 2 kilns and all of the other crap that it needs- I have a very tollerant husband-
Thank you for the info. I am convinced that I do need to create a space just for my sewing and craft books. This small bonus room is set up as our computer room and does need more lighting. Our house is a saltbox type and this room has a slanted ceiling so the space on the one wall is limited in height. Our computer and printer can be moved over and there is a good six to eight feet that can be dedicated to my crafts. I have a nice card table set up right now that can work for the sewing and cutting area. It gets me away from the slanted ceiling and gives me a usable flat space and room underneath in the back area for some storage. And I have a magnifying craft light in here for the time being. I may just get one more light and hang it from the slanted ceiling or put it on the side wall.

I am going to organize my things in the corner area and move the computer over. We can either build a cabinet in the corner or start looking for a cabinet that can fit in the space. This can be done.

Thanks for getting me looking for the right space and getting me moving in the right direction.

Running in the Red, I would love to see pics of one of your dolls. I'm making rag dolls for the grandkids as they went to the circus this last month. I'm going to embroider a heart on each one and then get to make the clothes. This wasn't a clown pattern so I will have to wing it on the outfits but I figure they can't be hard to figure out. Clown outfits look pretty easy.
if there is a light fixture in the ceiling, you can change it over to a track lighting system, which will give you much more light and you'll be able to aim it where you need it.
There is no ceiling light the only light is mounted about five to six feet off the floor on the regular wall. This room is over our dining room, and in front of our bedroom. It has a door into the bedroom, a door into the hallway and a door to go outside to the upstairs deck off the side of the house. The ceiling is slanted from about desk high on the short side to about ten feet high on the wall with the light. So there is a good amount of room on the floor but less above most of it. I think building cabinets would be perfect.

The track lighting is a great idea. I will see if hubby can do that. He can probably run a wire up one side of one the beams and mount it directly over the area. I love our little magnifying lamp but it is only lightened under the lamp and still dark over top of the lamp. It is hard on the eyes to work there.
I also have a craft/sewing room on my wish list ("someday") ... so I'm enjoying reading the tips too
I really just wanted to pop on and say that your dolls are adorable, Charley!! What a great idea and gift for the grandkids after their circus fun
I used to sew a not so much. I had a nice set-up with the table that has sides that drop down or come up and you fan the leg support out--lots of room to spread out, then pack down when needed, storage in center with doors on ends. Don't like to have to get it all out each time so when doing a project I really prefer a separate room. Walk out, close door then walk in and it's all sitting ready.
Saves time and let's you work when you "can".

You can put short shelving units on the wall area, which puts the table you need to use out where the ceiling is higher. Something I found very convenient or helped organize me and the "stuff" was a clear, plastic, hanging shoe storage thing. It is made to hang in your closet. Great thing! About 20 pouches to put thread, zippers, packs of needles, trims, buttons, you name it!! You can get the sets of plastic drawers now, same idea.

Good luck and enjoy your "new" space
I had recently re-organized my place, painted, etc. to set

my sewing things back up and begin to enjoy that again --- then, life takes a turn and my daughter and grandtr moved back home. There went the entire upstairs
I have my own sewing room with the track lighting, ceiling fan, day bed and a TV.

So if I want to get away from hubby and son I have everything I need. LOL

I have a sewing/computer/craft/laundry room. My hubby got those ready made countertops from home depot and used brackets to mount them on the walls. It is in a L shape so I have a place for my computer, sewing machine and to fold my clothes. Good Luck, Kathy

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