Spring cleaning part 1 is finished. The Tack Room

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Nov 30, 2002
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The tack room:

It was way out of hand. I'm going to blame the freezing cold winter on this one because I was too cold to be picking up after myself thus, the tack room disaster. I didn't sweep and clean deeply as I should have during the winter months and then I found mice. That's when things got ugly.It was high time for the great spring cleaning in the tack room, only this time it included a major overhaul.

This past week the excavation begin. I tore everything out of the tack room and threw it outside of the barn. What a mess. I have scrubbed, washed, disinfected every single item right down to the hoof pics and scissors using a lot of clorox, lysol, and listerene. I wore a mask and rubber gloves for most of it. Good thing I keep a lot of things in rubbermaid containers and in locked cabinets. the barn settled again and the tack room floor had sunk a bit so I ripped up the rubber interlocking mats and I leveled the dirt floor below. We never got around to concreting it. I got a 3 ton load of gravel from the quarry, shoved it out of my truck and then I died. It took hours. I'm not one to ask for help but I knew I bit off more than I could chew after all that shoveling. Thankfully, Mr. Retirement took pity on me and showed up with the tractor. Then a call to my son Dan was just the ticket. He came over this weekend and between my guys, they got the gravel in the tack room for me. I washed my rubber mat squares only to have everyone with muddy feet come in but at that point I didn't care and then scrubbed down all of my rubbermaid containers too. Seriously, there is not one thing I didn't clean. I even cleaned out my tool box and found out I hoarded flag holders for some reason.

Sunday morning Mr. Retirement showed up again and announced since my shelves were junk and falling apart he was going to make built ins for me out of scrap lumber he had. Nothing fancy at my place ever but I was very happy to have my new built in's. No more having to stack the rubbermaids on the floor. I also took care of the mouse problem by using dryer sheets and moth balls and I'm going to be getting some peppermint in there too. The best part was having everything smell so good and being organized again. I fussed today for hours on end in the tack room and really enjoyed it and set up my wash rack for the season and put out all my bathing supplies. Now I can concentrate on what I do best and that is grooming. I can't wait to start spring clipping and bathing now.

This is only part of the mess I had thrown outside the barn

spring 2014.jpg

My new gravel

spring 2014 012.jpg

The rubber flooring back down in place

spring tack room 2014 003.jpg

My new shelves

spring tack room 2014 005.jpg

spring tack room 2014 006.jpg

My son Dan and Mr. Retirement after we had a nice lunch

spring 2014 015.jpg


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Apr 16, 2009
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I need Mr. Retirement to come here! I want those shelves!

I enjoy cleaning my tackroom far more than any room in my house
There's nothing like accomplishing a goal!


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Dec 5, 2013
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Why is it that I can clean out a barn/tackroom/trailer all day long, but shudder at the thought of cleaning the house?!

Your tackroom looks FANTASTIC! Well done!

lucky seven

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Jun 9, 2010
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Hubby cleans my house while I enjoy working in the tack/hay area. I would rather groom my boys and clean stalls then work inside the house. Love your Rubbermaid flooring.