How did you get involved with minis??

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My Grandmother died & her bestfriend was very sad & lost(both very much horse people) that she whent out to buy a stud & gelding for driving... 1 month after buying Midnight & Billy from Blue Ridge Stables, she passedaway too, from brokenheart. She left every thing to my Grandfather.

My wholelife I have been raised on my barn. When my Grandfather got alzhimers (sp???) we moved in. I was very close to my QH mare... but when she died (at 40) I was lost & turned to my stud Midnight... He helped me throught hard times, I love him!

Any way, after I trained Midnight to do tricks, drive, be riden, jump... Everything uder the sun!!!, my mom & step dad bought me Joy & Next year we are getting 2 more mare & another stud
I love minis! & because of me we now are getting our own farm, breeding stock & I'm going to show (alot) & my moms even getting into obstacle & dad into driving minis!(Hes trained & shown SBH in driving for years & years... but not he's getting minis & maybe 1 shetland

Wow what goals
2 back surgeries cured me from a riding habit, but I need to have horses in my life.I got my first pony as a 3rd birthday present almost63 years ago and I have been horse crazy ever since.I had seen Minis when I had my big horses&decided they would work for me.I started looking in 1986&got my first one about a year or so later.I wish I had done it sooner.I am having so much fun and meet the nicest people.Almost all my really close friends now are involved with Minis.Since I got the Minis my quality of life has been so much better.I hope I have them until I die.My son wants me to get rid of all but a few, but I don't see it happening.He doesn't realise it's a disease and I don't want to be cured.
I had my first shetland at age 8 (I wanted a horse instead I got a handme down shetland)
he was probably 38 or 39 inches and an ornery the time I was in highschool I had seen the tiny ponies aka miniature horses and knew of them and the fanciful stories of their creation........however at that point I was still into riding and working in barns with show horses forward to 1991 I had a baby and was still working in barns however for some reason I was uncomfortable with my son being around these giant horses
so we went on a search for a miniature and along the way we made some great friends.......over the years my mini herd has grown and my riding horses have all moved on........we have 6 mini's right now and keep them around mostly for our own entertainment......we still have our original gelding who is 13 now......
He he...reading this, it dawns on me, Rabbitsfizz must have seen it all!!
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Well I saw Miniatures at a small A&P day when I was about 12, I thought someday i would like to have one of them. I had been riding big horses and going to ponyclub, showing and competing in all areas since can remember and A year ago I decided i really did want one of those little horses, so i jumped on the internet and found lil beginnings and spent a few months on here before i was convinced. So i asked my parents who said a big NO(they were both into big horses) after a few weeks of pleading my mum finally said to me, Sure you can have a miniature, but you have to sell your pony. My pony Cruz was my pride and joy, I loved him more than anything. He was an awesome show pony, really stunning looking. There were a lot of people wanting him. It was a really tough decision but I put him on the market and the first person to see him took him home. I since bought my now 2 year old Katie and have never looked back! I also have recently taken up a lease on a fantastic gelding too.
well...I went to the tack shop to get some stuff for riding i had just started showing then and my mom wanted me to geta job
so I had ajob at the barn then I started grooming the minis and then she started leasing them outt o us there was pone left basically and i wanted to lease badly!!He wasa 2 year old colt he wa barely halter trained and we used to have to coax him outside
lol! Then i started workign witht he braty and fell in love with him now i have fully halter trained him lol and he is awesome at jumping and obstcle...just not at shows lol...(today he claered the whole course at alocal shgow so proud!) and anywas now i am trying my hardest to pay for the lil man sooon i will be back training him to drive!
I love my wee:)
This is me at a zoo in Michigan. It was all history from here.


I kept asking my mom and dad for a "tiny horse" after this.

Then I got into show jumping for 12 years. I ended up having to put down a very special horse after an accident. He was my show partner for 3 years. I had a real hard time about it.

I know it sounds funny, but I just didn't want to get up on another horse. It hurt too much.

So my parents gave me the insurance money and said do what you want. It sat in the bank for along time and I got busy with school and life.

Then one day I thought I need to get back into horses, but I was still upset over the loss of my old horse. Even if I wasn't riding I just wanted a horse to take care of.

So my "tiny horse" dream began.....
Well, I am a "crop out", a horse attic out of a non horsey line. I started riding Western at 3-4 yrs old and from there into Hunt Seat, everybody thought I was going through a phase but as you know horses are a progressive sickness it only gets worse.

I saw my first mini in an advertisinment in Western Horseman (the pinto weanling colt standing on arms) back in the early 90s. Now well over a decade later I havent looked back and will continue to grow and establish my self in this industrys roots. Time sure fly's by when your having fun!
I always dreamed of having a miniature horse. Then I went to work at Taco Bueno.

A fast food restaurant. I was a Asst. Manager. I was sent to a training class (all week).

Tony Greaves was one of the Trainers. We were suppose to visit other restaurants, and give our thoughts on them. Well, one afternoon Tony had been telling us about his Miniature Horses. That was all I needed, we beg him to take us see the little horses. He did, and two weeks later I made my first purchase.

Barely Lightening, a 2 week old colt, that was 18 years ago.


He is still going strong, and still acts like a two year old.

rabbitsfizz said:
Well, I started the hard way!!  There were no minis, so I bred them.  I had five of the most exquisite, Arabian headed tiny Shetland mares you have ever seen- bought them from a friends mother whop was giving up-  all the rest of her stock was the plug ugly slab headed nasty tempered little so-and so's I had expected (remember these are Native Shetlands- proper ones, not your airy fairy beautiful little horses
)  I came home with the small herd, went back a week later and bought two more who were vaguely related and still quite pretty, bought a beautiful fairy tale stallion from someone  else, and way I went.  28 years later I have the great great great grandchildren and one direct son still running around my meadows.  I'm not sure their ancestors would recognise their shape, but their temperaments and their souls are the same.


I would love to see some of Native Shetlands pictures if you have any.

Thanks Vicky
I have always loved horses and my family has had them all of my life. I am a very petite person (5'2 and under 100lbs) so people have always told me that I should train ponies due to my size. Finally one year I happened upon a small pony and had the money to get her. I got her broke to ride over the summer. The next summer I couldn't find nother pony, but a friend of my mothers had a mini that was green broke to ride and had been ground driven. I finished getting him broke to ride and trained him to pull a cart. As more summers went by I came to realize that ponies were hard to come by at prices I could afford so I decided I would breed them so that I would have something to work with. Well, after doing research I fell in love with minis. My first purchase was actually a mini donkey for my grandfather to come and visit. After that I got mulan, the mini in my avatar). Now I'm permanently mini hooked and since I only have one I search the internet and visit this forum to look at pictures and get my mini fix because you truly can't have just one.

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