How did everyone do at Sea-Tac in Elma???

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Aug 20, 2003
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Come on peeps, been sitting here all morning watching for the topic! Spill about the show already!
Ditto! Nevermind that I can never manage to post sooner than 48 hours after a show and half of you are probably sleeping away the exhaustion of being cold for that long...spill!!

Everyone is probably still hanging out in their igloos.....

I hope all the horses survived, being shaved. I know I am frantic about clipping and bathing for Oregon Gold. My horses are clipped with 10 blades, which for those of you who know me, know that this just does not happen..... But I am not willing to shave any closer with the weather the way it is right now in the NW.

I want my horses to at least have a little more insulation. Boy is it hard to only do 10's......

Oh well, better to have healthy horses.

Going to bath very quickly and get them blown and under heat lamps.

Come on spring...........
My colt, "Regis", Day to Day Destined To Be Regal, was in the 30-32 inch yearling class. He pulled a first under one judge, a third place and a fourth. The competition was tough in that class. Annette H. did a wonderful job with him. Janet Day
Well, it was a new experience, showing in the SNOW!!!
I'm still thawing. Brr... talk about cold!!

Both my girls placed in all their halter classes, with Tigger getting a Reserve.

Prissy placed in Liberty!!5th out of 35! Not bad. I hope Liz got some decent pics, she can really move.

Tigger had some problems with the slipperyness of her new Jerald, but by Sunday things were going great. She looked SUPERB and placed well.


Tigger and Sammi O'Malley in Youth 13-18


Summer driving Tigger the day before the show began

Tig had one other handler besides Sam, Summer, and myself, but I'll let Liz tell.

Janet, I sure like Regis!

It was a wild weekend. We had a traveling gnome with us,, and his photo tells the true essence of the weekend!

I had the first show for my new yearling colt. I saw him as Gallery and in two days had him home. He was all fuzzy and I had no idea how he would look. He is a light silver dapple pinto,, ( Silver being my LEAST favorite color ever! HeeHee) Lisa Pichler was kind enough to take him into his yearling 30-32" class. He got two seconds and a fourth. He placed above a beautiful colt that I was drooling over for a while and that has been sold to Australia.... I was very very proud of him!

I got the thrill of my showing life by getting MY FIRST NECKRIBBON ever!!!!!!!! My daughter got one with my stallion Falcon two years ago,,, but I did it this time. And I will never forget it!

Liz and her family are always a great fun part of the shows, and seeing everyone again. The coordinators did a wonderful job under stressful conditions. I have NEVER been so cold in my life. I would sit in the car with the kids and turn on the heat!!!!
FALCON AND KIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edited to add: I got too excited about your neckribbon Kim! And pushed post too fast.

Congrats to everyone who did so well at Elma! Sounds like it was fun, though I did hear also from Patty that is was FREEZING. I am praying that Oregon Gold is just a LITTLE warmer,
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I second what Amy said, CONGRATS to everyone that attended Elma.

I know from the pics and from what everyone is saying that it was bitter cold and with the snow it made for a very interesting weekend.

Can't say that I wish I had been there...BRRRRR. But I do miss everyone and can't wait for OG so we can have some horse fun.......

I am doing the sunshine dance and hope to have better weather for Eugene. It is usually cold during the morning hours in Eugene, but warms up by the afternoon. So hopefully it will be that way this year....

OK everyone THINK WARM
skanzler said:
My horses are clipped with 10 blades, which for those of you who know me, know that this just does not happen..... But I am not willing to shave any closer with the weather the way it is right now in the NW. I want my horses to at least have a little more insulation. Boy is it hard to only do 10's......

Oh well, better to have healthy horses.
and most of all:
I knew there was a reason I said I'd be willing to send a horse of mine to you if I ever had a halter horse.
Good for you for putting the four-foots first!

Congratulations to everyone else on their great placings! I admit I cheated and called Liz on my way home from work tonight when I couldn't get my forum fix so I got a preview of how everyone did. (Liz might not post for awhile, she said she's having internet problems.) Kari, Tigger looks FANTASTIC!!! How on earth did you get her coat looking so dark and nice this early in the year??

I was really looking forward to Oregon Gold but now I'm incredibly grateful I don't have to clip the horses quite yet. They were supposed to get a rough clip this last weekend, now I'm aiming for my days off on Thursday/Friday but if it's too cold we'll just wait and Kody can be beige at the Happ's CDE schooling weekend in a few weeks. So what? I'm dying to see what Pyro looks like naked but I'm not about to watch him shivering when he doesn't even have a show until the end of May.

It sure would be nice if Spring would hurry up and, you know, spring though!!

Thanks, Leia! She gets wound up at shows, yet still shows well (when she's not picking up on my nervousness...

Her color is just her. Cool, huh? Summer says she gets Tig when I retire from Minis. LOL Ain't gonna happen!

I did a lot of visiting at the show when I went to spectate.

It was definitely nippy in the barns and the horses were

shivering when their blankets came off.

It's the craziest Pacific NW spring I ever remember.

However, in the arena they had the heat on and it was

very pleasant.

The horses looked wonderful and everyone appeared

to really be enjoying themselves.....I sure did, I know.

It was great to see people again and meet new people.
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We did pretty well!

I was so happy to see Kim win deservedly with Falcon.

HE's one of the few miniature stallions with a lot of musculature, and I'm hoping his son Pyro gets a little bit of that "beef" for when he starts driving.

If so, he will be a great powerhouse to sit behind.

Friday morning I took Pyro's half sis in the ring, and we did pretty well in our Junior mares class. I don't remember the placings, but we were in the bottom half of the class. Not last, but not first, either! There were some great mares in there.

We took a second in Amateur, so that would mean we'd come back for the Amateur championship on Sunday.

It was SOOOO cold that we didn't really even bathe the horses (shhhh don't tell anyone).

Saturday morning was Amateur Jumper. I was sort of sweating this one because neither Mouse nor I have been "working out" and the pattern was a little complicated for my cold-addled brain.

We had a CLEAN first round, though, and I am proud of Mouse for being game (and myself for not picking the wrong direction when I got confused headed towards the fourth jump).

All three in the class were clean, though, so we had a jump-off. The jumps went up substantially, and right away, Mouse landed on one, but I told him it was ok, was just glad he tried for me. We went on to trash two more and refuse to the point of getting the gate. Dave Sandeno took the class and rightfully so (his horse and he are amazing athletes).

Halter was even worse. Mouse is bored or tired of the halter routine, and picked at me the whole time. He's also well....not so buff right now. I think we were last in every class? Not sure because some of the gelding classes were pretty large (woo hoo!) and we didn't get any ribbons in some. I had opted not to do the Open gelding halter classes and it's a good thing!

Still, he's a good boy and I am NOT complaining a bit. We have not been working nor dieting (it's been too cold and muddy to do either of those), and the horses in the ring were beautiful. I'm pretty proud of the quality of the geldings here in the NW, even though I only own a couple of 'em.

Sunday was our best day weather-wise as well as competition. Brandon was game to try showing Kari's mare, Tigger!!!

We gave him a little lesson on Saturday night after Liberty, and he attempted to show teeth. Tigger stepped on his toe accidentally, but he didn't say much about it other than it hurt. They were great together, though, and Brandon ran with her and walked her (my horses have no manners with the kids. Mouse is OCD about biting and my filly is just too green at this point to trust her not to bolt). He was all set to go in and the best part is that Summer Sayles-Ruegger, the trainer Kari employs for her Tigger, was kind enough to spend several minutes giving Brandon pointers on how to present Tigger and how to show teeth.

She really is wonderful and assuring with her methods.

Brandon's class (Youth 7 & Under exhibiting a mare) was pretty good-size: 7 kids and he was the only boy. It was a bit of a circus and the ring steward earned his pay directing the little ones and their steeds. One little girl took a tumble during the initial trot-in, and was briefly dragged, but shook it off and finished her circle, lining up for teeth inspection!

The little girl ahead of Brandon was having trouble with that part, and I could see Brandon was so eager to show off his ability! Finally the judges came to him and he flattened his hands and gently parted Tigger's lips! He looked over at me when he did it, I gave him a thumbs-up and he grinned so huge you'd think he had already won the class. *LOL*


He did everything perfectly considering it was his first time out.


Tigger was a professional about all of it, and I really appreciate that. She has a bit of a rebellious attitude, but she knew what her job was, and probably knew that Brandon's showing career was riding on her ability to boost his confidence.


We waited for the placings...the first one was a THIRD!!! WOOOOOT!

Next came a SECOND place!!!

The third placing was Fourth, and we are very happy with that.

Can you tell he is proud?


I might be!

After all of that, I had the AOTE mare class,a nd took two firsts and one second with my mare Nena (Little Black Meanie a/k/a Pyro's sister). We were working a little better today, and only had one other competitor.

When it came down to the Champion class, though, there were I think 6 of us in the ring.


There I am in the back on the left in the blue blazer. Nena got sleepy in the warm arena, and I really lost her attention a lot and had trouble setting her back feet, but...we took a Reserve Champion Amateur mare!!! Yayyy!

THANK YOU Kari, for letting Brandon "borrow" Tigger, and thank you, Kim and family, for letting us stay with you (and thank you for taking pictures!!!)...and thank you Summer, for your guidance...thank you to the show staff (Rock on, Mark, Gwen, Barb and Frank, the show went so smoothly!), the Whitemans and Osgoods for the extra effort in hosting this show (sorry I missed breakfast, there, know I was hitchhiking and everything!) in spite of adversities, we as exhibitors felt little pain from the barn/stall issues and appreciate your taking time to make sure we didn't.

THANK YOU to Gallery Originals for bringing Cherry Bomb to the show so we could take her and her little "bun" home with us to wait for next year's exciting Pharaoh/CB baby (hahaha Pyro will have an uncle/half sibling).

BRRR it was cold, but what fun.

That is my LONG Sea Tac writeup.

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Gah... PLEASE let it be warmer this weekend...

Congratulations everyone! It's official, you're all nuts.
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Ok you are all scaring me now...we are leaving for Oregon Gold tomorrow, I have been checking the weather frantically as the pass is suppose to get snow....I am bringing 6 and all are clipped in 10's. They are all washed and blanketed, lets pray they stay clean...I can't imagine having to bathe them in that weather. Last year was just gorgeous.
Yup, I'm clipping in 10's as well, it is just too cold. I am dreading bathing tomorrow.

Jennifer, bring lots of blankets, we had 3 and 4 blankets on horses this past weekend. Neck sweats, sleezies, hoods, and at least 2 blankets, I had to add a third one night. BRRRR

It was great fun though and it is always nice to see the family after a long winter.
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..... Oh, Sorry was just thinking about last weekend in the cold and snow. At least I didn't loose my voice. You will all be happy to know the forecast for this weekend in Eugene for Oregon Gold is 62 on Friday, 65 on Saturday and 68 on Sunday. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YEAH MARK, Great news......I hope it holds. We will be leaving tomorrow morning and only bathing those that show on Thurs. We will bath as we go for the show.

Can't wait to see everyone. It has been a long winter and I miss my show family.

Everyone be careful in your travels.
Brandon did a FANTASTIC job, and I'm so glad he had fun. THAT'S what it's all about!!!

If it works out (us being at the same show), he's welcome to show Tig again if he wants, until he's ready for Nena. We'll be at EV......

Congrats again on the neck ribbons, Kim and Liz!!!!!

Hey, I'd be proud of Brandon too!! Congratulations young man, you look very professional.
I have to admit that I was trying to figure out why he would have to learn to "show teeth." I was like "Is that some strange way of saying 'Smile?'"
Now I get it! The MARE'S teeth. :DOH! *LOL*

You were right, Nena was definitely a bit of a sleeper. She's really lengthened out and now resembles her sister Lark more than a little. Congratulations on the championship!

nootka said:
I was so happy to see Kim win deservedly with Falcon. HE's one of the few miniature stallions with a lot of musculature, and I'm hoping his son Pyro gets a little bit of that "beef" for when he starts driving.
Ohhhh, he's got it. I'm loving watching that little boy grow up and he's definitely putting on some width in the chest area as well as a little more growth in general I think. Yesterday after we talked I took him for a mile walk and worked hard on standing while I backed off and on pricking his ears. He did so well! He's a fast study, is our Pyro.

Mouse [is]....not so buff right now. ... Still, he's a good boy and I am NOT complaining a bit. We have not been working nor dieting (it's been too cold and muddy to do either of those)
I'm so glad I've got my arena! It's not covered or lit but once we've got enough daylight I can pretty much work in anything but a windstorm as the sand-covered-with-grass footing is at the highest point of our property and drains exceptionally well. Pyro is buffing up lunging through the thick mud between his area and Kody's and both of them are loving running the fenceline together all day long. I'm so grateful I've got the little guy; he's the only thing keeping Kody from exploding into obesity. :DOH! Of course half the reason Kody's fat is because he's now getting as much beet pulp as Pyro is when he really doesn't need it, but hey!
He went on a strict diet starting yesterday and as soon as he's well enough they'll be turned out together full-time. I expect to find both of them looking like Whippets soon after that.

Good luck at the next show everybody! I'll be joining you ASAP.