How about a little cry today?

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Oh Marty, wow, that got me crying. Definitely a must-see!!
Thank God for people who care!
Everyone needs to be forewarned, I am at work on my lunch break. Can't finish my food right now, and had to stop the video. God Bless those people for getting the horses out, and all the others who are feeding them. They look fantastic now, I just can't watch without wanting to cry.
Thank you for sharing that Marty its nice to see that there is hope when caring people get involved.
I'm dripping on my keyboard. Those poor poor horses. It breaks your heart to see such suffering. How can people live knowing they are responsible for that?
Kudos to the caring people who took them in and gave them what they needed to thrive.

I am crying sad tears for those poor horses then happy tears for how good they look after caring people helped them. I get so angry seeing any animal in pitiful shape, people should be more humane!!
well against my better judgement (I'm at work) I decided to watch this. Now I have to go touch up my makeup.

I just don't get people.
Marty Thank you for sharing that link, I was so sad seeing the before pictures but so happy to see what some food and tlc did for those horses. Thank God they saved them.

Well, it didn't make me cry but it sure made me say WHY, WHY, WHY??

I will never understand WHY someone could do this?

My full sized mare came to me in November so thin and really looking awful.

She was very lethargic.

Now she looks so incredible and she struts her stuff, snorts and is so proud.

I does my heart good every time she does it

Lack of empathy for another is a horrible thing.

Thanks for sharing this.
Marty, Thanks for sharing that. I am so glad that there are people who really do care to help the animals in need. That video brings back so many memories, of a rescue in Wisconsin, where my Clementine is from. I just dont understand some people..;.now I need to go and hug my horses a little longer of a hug today.