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Sep 4, 2003
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Muncie, Indiana
As many of you know I am selling down.

I put Sophie up on the saleboard.

Small run down: Sophie is: AMHR Halter Hall of Fame, National All-Star winner in many classes, has a National Champion Sire, has been professionally trained and shown for 2 years, is 4 years old, won several over all grands as a yearling, won many more as a 3 year old, in color classes over the years she had 32 first, 1 second, and 1 fifth. A 5th and 9th place at Nationals.


I have her listed for $4000.

I got a response to my ad, offering me $1500, as they felt that was her value.

In no way to I expect to regain the dollar value of 2 years of training and showing. But doesn't all the training and showing and being judged against other horses SAY that her quality is better than the next average joe horse?

I want you honest opinion.

Todays market, what she has done, she should be priced at ?????????????

I think more honesty would come from those who are not buying, or would not buy her. JMO


More pictures on our web site, on Show Page and her Page.

I very much can handle an honest answer. Thanks for you time.
I honestly think she is worth much more than $1,500. If she really is worth $1500 then I have seen many lesser quality horses majorly overpriced.
Well, I will be honest as well and think that $4000 is high. But that is JMO.

I know of a horse that is hall of fame in halter and one stake short in driveing(or vise versa not sure) . Bay, AMHR 35" was in training for years. They are only selling her for $600. I feel she is worth more then that, but honestly about $2000 at most.
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Carolyn - She's a beautiful mare, with excellent breeding, and credentials in the form of her show record.

That said, it is a BUYERS not a SELLERS market at this time. You will never recover your training costs or initial cost in reselling her. Sorry, but it's just a fact of life, unless you are willing to wait for just the right buyer, and that person may come along in time.

I may get flamed for this but in my opinion, it's going to be hard to sell a "B" only mare, even if she does have national titles, particular for $4,000.
It has been said before and I will say it again. A horse (or any other object or product) is worth what two people (one with the product and the other with the money) agree that it is worth.

I don't show, so I am not a good judge on what the training and wins are worth, but IF she were mine, I think I would want more than $1,500 for her.
[SIZE=14pt]Carolyn, I paid 5500 for a 35 inch double registered ASPC AMHR mare that was reserve national champion in two classes, driving and mare and foal, top ten in halter, has her halter and pleasure driving hall of fame and is a dam of distinction. so no, I think Sophie is not over priced but wont probably sell quickly as you need to attract the caliber of person willing and able to pay that price. That isnt most of the people that read the board. They are for the most part not die hard show people and I dont mean that in a derogatory way. Color classes mean nothing to most of us that show seriously but her other accomplishments do. If I were looking to buy a show mare I would be looking at her even at that price.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=14pt]Just a suggestion but I would get an ad in the Journal and leave her with Brenda with a big for sale sign at every show, send her to nationals as forsale and I bet she would sell there. I realize that she is only B not also ASPC but someone lookng to show at national level, usually is willing to pay more and she would probably sell there with the right promotion.[/SIZE]

ln all honesty l think she's a very nice horse having bought at those prices and after getting them home no l wouldn't buy again for that price. l feel no show record or amount of training has helped me when it came down to the breeding end 2 thou is a good price but l do so understand your need for a higher price but in this market now l feel it's a hogh price at what your asking when there are so many others also shown and trained to the teeth to choose from. Sorry MHO and has nothing to do with your beautiful horse. But somewhere there is a person who will pay if you have the time and the chemistry is right. Good luck.
I truly appreciate all your thoughts. Thanks for your time.

All that you are saying helps me in a number of other ways with other horses. I appreciate all the ideas and I do understand what you are saying. Much to consider.

I do not need a quick sale, and a good home is important. So it looks like I need to read through and see what is relative and see what I need to do.

Thanks again so much.
Having read your initital post and looked at her picture here, I don't believe she is overpriced at all. Stick to your guns and you will find the perfect owner for her. I laughed when I read "$1500", I don't think so.
I think the person who offered you $1,500 was insulting you.

I don't think she is overpriced.

In this market you may need to be a little flexible on her price or you may choose to take less for the perfect home but not take a ridiculous offer like $1,500, JMO!

She is a beautiful mare!
I really was not insulted, I just felt like it was their opinion of her value, and they are entitled to it.

I just don't have to agree and come down to that price. :bgrin

But once that value was given to me, I decided maybe I better check and see how wrong my opinion was.

Thanks again!!!!!! :lol:
I think a fair price for her would be in the 2000 range 2500 personally if you are asking for honest answers I would feel 4000 is a bit high.
I feel $1,500 is too low for a horse with her show record, but I also feel that for less than $4,000 I can find an AMHR/AMHA horse that I like just as much or better with as a comparable show record. I'd have to really LOOK but I do know there are deals to be had and it's a buyers market.

Also, I can tell you what I am sure you already know -- you do not even begin to re-coup your training and showing expenses on the sale of most horses no matter how successful. I think you're most likely to see a return on that money over a period of years from the sale of foals out of (or better yet, by -- since a stallion can put a lot of foals on the ground each year) that horse.
From our experience at selling show horses (AMHA champion titled) it did not help to sell the horses for more money - unless you make contact with a buyer that desires that in a horse. I've found most want a bargain.................. In our case since we show all of our horses - IF we were buying another horse to show we would prefer that it not be titled so we could do it ourselves......... IF we were buying a mare for a broodmare the show title might enter into the picture IF everything were equal in all horses being looked at.
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I don't show my mini's as I'm just starting out. You know the value of your horse, sometimes people just want something for nothing. I fell she is worth it
: , and if I had it, I wouldn't mind getting her..
: I wouldn't even respond to the email, or let them know that she is worth it..
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Again it is just my opinion amongst many others, but if I owned her I would be asking in the 3000 - 5000 range for her. So I do not think you are out of line with your price on her. Don't get me wrong if I was buying I would want to buy her as cheaply as possible. Quality always costs a little more. Additionally over the years we have learned it costs no more to feed a poor quality horse than a national winner LOL.

With all that said, I agree with the other poster that color wins are not a major concern with the majority of the fanciers around the show circut and usually an add on class for most of us. The only other negative that I can see is that most of the "new" folks in the hobby are looking for tiny which hurts her being a "B" height filly.

Pretty though is pretty at any size, I would hold to my pricing if I were you.

Good Luck,

John Cherry

Cherryville Farms :saludando:


PS pretty filly by the way
I did do some investigating,,,,,,,,,,,,but they are all SO different.

I found 2 mares with her bloodline, close to her age,,,,AMHR,,,,,,,never been in a show ring, priced $5500 and $6500,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hhhhhhhhhhhnmmmmmmmmmmm

I found 2 mares with her show experience, close to the same kind of wins, blood line close to the same,,,,,,one was listed at $7500, and the other at $1800.

hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm again

I found many similarities, many differences, and not one price really made any sense.


:saludando: :saludando: Wanted to say, Welcome to the Forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Price is so subjective. What might be worth $4,000 to me may not be worth $400 to someone else, and vice versa. I don't even try to coordinate it anymore. If I like the horse and it looks worth it to me, that's the starting point.
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Price is so subjective. What might be worth $4,000 to me may not be worth $400 to someone else, and vice versa. I don't even try to coordinate it anymore. If I like the horse and it looks worth it to me, that's the starting point.

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