Here is my newest painting.

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Nov 30, 2002
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She is/ was one of the most delicate little mares I have ever seen. She lived here at the Crabby Chicken Ranch for almost 5 years. I decided I had too many horses to show. I found the most perfect home for her! We didnt know that when she was sold she had a little secret in that belly!! Her new family had her ultrasounded and found that she was finally 5 months in foal. She had a wonderful little colt! She LOVED being a Mommy!!!! Her new owner taught her to drive and she thought that was the best thing ever, she was so proud of herself. Then one day she started to colic. They did everything they could. The vet said there was nothing left to do.... so she left her heartbroken family and her colt to carry on. Here is my painting of Charm when she was happiest.

The animal paintings I have seen of yours are breathtaking. You have the knack and artistry to capture the essence of that particular animal. I wish I could paint like you!
She was beautiful and you captured her nicely Kim! I hope you'll post more of your work here
Yes please post more of your work. It looks like a photograph. Simply Amazing, and a sad story.

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