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Jan 31, 2004
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Pacific NW Scappoose, OR
I am looking for the most convenient and best portable hot wash system for bathing horses and dogs and maybe a family member from time to time. Looking for all opinions on where to find and what the cost incurred would be.

A couple of years ago we bought a "Hott Wash" system which is very portable. When the water is drained out of it the unit is pretty lightweight. We have the larger one (holds four gallons, I think). The drawback is if I only need to wash one horse it works great, but when I have several horses to do (wich is normal), the water going into the unit doesn't heat up fast enough and eventually unless you stop using it and let the water re-heat you will end up with cold water coming out. One hose runs into it providing water, the water heats up and another hose comes out of it that you use to wash the horse.

We paid around $250 for it and I see it has gone up in price. Maybe you could find a deal on one on Ebay or something.

Here is a website with a picture. Hott Wash

I am looking for a good deal on an "on-demand" water heater for our barn so that I get a constant supply of water for bathing, but I don't think there are "on-demand" units that are portable. Those don't run out of heated water like the Hott Wash does.
Thanks alot Sanny I have found a unit that you have a choice now of 4gals or 8 gals so I think I will probably go with the 8 gallon heater that way it will stay hot longer. It is the same manufacturer and comes with the cart. Your help is very much appreciated.
We have the 4 gallon unit and it is not big enough. I have to install an 8 gallon unit for a friend. The "HOTT WASH" brand units are made by Ariston. You can buy them from for much less than the equine dealers. I think Home Depot also sell it in the Ariston brand but it has to be ordered as it usually is not a stock item.

To get better usage from these small point of use heaters the best method is to install a hose Y in reverse after the heat so you can meter in hot and cold water. Kind of like with a sink faucet. This way you do not use up your limited supply as fast and you do not have to worry about the water too hot from the heater.
Last year I purchased a Coleman 'Hot Water on Demand' system since we camp at the shows so I want a hot shower and, if it is cold, I want one for the horses too. At home they have an installed hot water tank so I think that is only fair <G>.

Anyway, the Coleman unit can be either set up to syphon from a bucket or connect to a garden hose (you have to by the hose connection separately, if I remember). Anyway, you are only limited by the size of the portable propane tanks. It uses the small green ones that are around 4" in diameter and about 7" high, and they last for quite a while. The water can get VERY can make tea from the hotest setting, but the controls are very accurate when setting the temperature. The pump, on this unit, runs from a plug-in rechargable battery that lasts and lasts.

We were at Walnut Hill for 6 days and two of us took showers each day and washed long hair several times and still only needed a new tank the last day. I guess we used a tall bucket of water for each shower. We didn't bath horses with it this trip but, hopefully, you can guess-ta-mate the amount of propane tanks you would will have to do a websearch to check, but perhaps you can connect the unit to a larger propane tank for around the barn.

The whole unit comes in a nifty carrying case that holds several propane bottles as well....makes it neat for traveling and storage. I have had a Zodi brand shower before and like this unit MUCH better. I do know people who have the Hott Water unit and like it very much, but look for a hose or syphon attachment, much better than a water storage unit.

And, in case you want to know how we shower <G>...I hang a hoola-hoop from the ceiling of the trailer, hang 2 shower curtains from that and stand in a big muck tub to catch the run-off....if the floor of our trailer drained away, I guess you wouldn't need the muck tub, just a bath mat to stand on to keep your feet clean.
I have a 4 and an 8, they are both available. I bought these to replace my others, but never got them up and running, real dusty, but 8 has never been used and 4 only one time.

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