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Filipowicz Farm

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Aug 21, 2003
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Monday 1:30 P.M. tried the web site for AMHR show results and it is not working. Anyone else having a problem getting show placings.?
I've been waiting for some shows that were in April to be posted... nothing yet! *sigh*

I *think* my Sunny got his Hall of Fame in Halter, but I need to show results to be sure!

The AMHR query side is broke - something from webservices isn't talking to the database server. I also noticed there are very few shows listed on the ASPC side, I know there have been many more.

FOR HOF and this, you could call the office and ask for results, if it is dependent on needing to know about taking a horse/pony to anymore shows.
I just tried it now and it's still not working.
Like Vickie from Journey's End stated...sometimes when they are updating, it will appear that the site is not working. I have tried for 2 days now, so maybe by tomorrow evening it will be back on track.
Good Luck..... I tried getting results in the past couple of days and also got nothing. Besides that, they have not closed out the books from last year for HOF points. I emailed about a horse I had up for sale and was told it is usually late March, then I sold the horse and emailed back the first part of May because it still wasn't closed out and they confirmed that. I checked again about a week ago and still nothing. None of his points are on for last year in the HOF section. Maybe that is why they are down. Hopefully they are finally closing out last years stuff and will get on to this year. :DOH!

I am one of those that follows my shows closely on results and get impatient waiting for results on the site. I guess I have to keep in mind they are very busy and will get to it as soon as they can. Just wish they could hire some seasonal help!

I wonder if they can't respond to email either? I emailed them a couple questions yesterday morning and still haven't gotten a response. Usually they respond, right away.

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