Has anyone heard anything on Cedar Rigde Farm?

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Jan 16, 2006
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NW PA/ Ohio Border
Hi, I was just wondering if anyone happened to hear how Peggy's surgery went today to remove "Lola"?

Please, if anyone does, please post an update. Sending many prayers
that she is doing well..
Any news?? I guess no news is good news as we have a mutal friend who I'm sure would have called me if something had happened.
Peggy, we're praying for you!
Just heard some good news about Peggy. She should be coming home today. The surgery went well and she's sore and tired. But otherwise in good spirits.
I saw her this past weekend (and ashamed I couldn't spend more time with her!) and she was in a good healthy place. She was much better than I would have been!
I wonder if she got the picture of Lola with a Halo and wings she was planning on.

Can't wait to see it.
Hello everyone! Surgery went real well. It only took about 45 minutes instead of 2 hours. Lola had started to grow so it was a good thing she came out when she did. I got to come home Tuesday evening and other than being sore I am doing okay. I can't do anything for 2 weeks except lay around on the couch, but I can live with that. Thanks for all the prayers!!

Love to all'

Glad to hear you are rid of your pain in the butt friend wishing you a speedy and good recovery.
Glad to hear your home and doing good!

Glad you are doing better Peg! I have been thinking about you a LOT!!!

hey everbody.....sorry my last post was very short. It seems like I sleep most of the time. I have had to turn into a couch potato and when I get still I fall asleep. Next Wednesday I get my staples out and I finally get to wash my hair. I have turned into bandana/dew rag woman. When I first came home I still had some pain which I was told would be normal. I get a little headache, but the Lola pains are gone.

Vickie, I was not able to get my halo/wings pic. I was asleep in preop and didn't know anything until I was waking up in ICU. They did say tht the halo that they used was computerized and did not look the same as the old one. Oh well.....I do have a pic of turban head and staple woman.

Not sure if I will make it to Conroe, but will make it to Area for sure. Thanks again for all the thoughts and prayers.