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Apr 19, 2005
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An update from one Wisconsin farm that was destroyed by the tornado--we had lost the 2 broodmares during the storm and had a big horse and mini stallion that were injured--the vet came out that night and spent literally 2 1/2 hours suturing in the dark by a flashlight because all the water and electricity was out (and is still out by the way!)

Anyway, they look pretty good, vet was out Friday and took out drains and rechecked wounds and xrays and said they decided as a clinic to NO CHARGE all work that was done on the day of the tornado and all stops relating to the tornado injuries. It just makes me cry, I think that was one of the nicest things I have heard. Everyone has been great, the American Red Cross and Salvation Army have been helping with food and water, etc. but I thought the vet generousity was the best. We can't bring back Kiowa and Kiwi but at least don't have to worry about paying a huge vet bill and can maybe build a lean to instead?!

Any ideas on how to thank them, what to do, or purchase for the clinic or something?
So sorry for your losses. It sure is wonderful to hear of the generosity of the vets. Am glad your others will be ok. Don't know what to say about a gift. Maybe someone else will have an idea. Good luck.

I too am so sorry you lost your beloved mares. Vet surgeries are ALWAYS short of the kind of things they never think to buy- muzzles in a variety of sizes, cat boxes that could be lent out, leads, collars (good STRONG ones!!!) It does not have to be expensive, it's the thought that counts, but if everyone involved bought one or two small items they would be set up for a few years!!!
Kudos to your veterinarian and clinic, that is an unexpected & meaningful gift. I work for an equine vet and I will tell you it's the simple things that mean the most- some cookies, a box of candy a pizza sent in.

I'm so sorry for you loss and I hope everything else gets back to routine for you soon!
I am SO sorry you lost your mares
I am happy to see, however, there are still caring and understanding people left in this world! If the vet clinic has email, or even an address you could share with us, I for one would be proud to write them a note thanking them for their thoughtfullness! Also, hopefully you can write an article for your newspaper regarding what the clinic did for you.

I am so very sorry for your losses and the tragedy you are living in. For your vets I suggest very nice gift certificates for a pizza place, KFC, sub shops...many are the days when a delivered lunch is much appriciated in a busy practice especially right now when they are so overworked. Let your newspaper know, local tv. Yell it from the rafters. How wonderful of them.
Thanks for everyone's support-good ideas for the vet clinic-I will pass on the info. to the local paper and see if a article can be prepared.

Also, treats are a great idea-I'm sure a busy practice doesn't always allow time for lunch.

Their address for those who asked is:

Country View Vet Clinic

1350 S. Fish Hatchery Road

Oregon, WI 53575

I just think that was such a nice gesture, it is refreshing to see their are still people out there that aren't totally run by the mighty dollar.

Thanks again everyone for the help in a tough time, and thanks Lilbeginnings, what a great network of people!

The vets at COUNTRY VIEW are the BEST, i have to agree! We were not hit by the tornado but they have done so much to help us this year as well as previous years!

If I may be of any help, please let me know as I am in the Stoughton area, as well!


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