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Jun 26, 2004
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The good news is my 2 girls are home from the breeders with ONE ultrasound in first baby!

The bad news is my other mare was also ultrasound and is unable to be bred. Her ovaries are abnormal, one the size of a walnut and other one is smaller. Vet suspects she was born this way BUT before we got her they told us she had a baby before. I feel these people used us big time...she was to be a pure falabella and bred when we got her...NOT. Now not even able to have babies is very upsetting to us. We plan to write the previous owner to let them know how we feel.

My mare that is bred is Cayenne...


And Anna...still very much loved but not happy with the 'sellers'...


Thanks for letting me share my sad/happy news!
I love the stallion you had them bred too - you should add his picture here.

Im sorry to hear Anna cant have a foal for you
Its terrible what people will say to sell a horse. But maybe she did some how have a foal before this, who knows.

Good luck with Cayenne and heres to a happy healthy BUCKSKIN 2006 foal!
Here is the stallion Cayenne is bred by...A pure Falabella, AMHA, AMHR, WCMHR registered, 32 inches, Buckskin pinto. Has thrown all pinto babies, lots of different colors.

Toyland Hobby Hobie...


He is the sire to my Lacy...

Awww your girls are very pretty!

Congratulations on Cayenne being pregnant! Good Luck with foaling and everything....keep us updated! How do u pronouce her name?

Sorry about Anna not being able to have foals....its awful when people are not honest with buyers....very sorry they did that to you.

And WOW I love the stallion u bred Cayenne too! he in PA near you? What farm does he live on?

What does Lacy's mom look like? She is very pretty too!

From those pictures of Cayenne and her "hubby"....I bet you are going to have a beautiful little foal next year!

I'm sorry about Anna. She is an very pretty little mare, so it must be a major disappointment for you.

Cayenne is pronounced like the pepper.

The stallion is in NY, about an hour from us. Painted Acres Farm.

Lacy's mom...Sweet Molly Sue(I think she is 17 years old)...



Yes, I think Anna and Hobby's baby would of been just lovely. Atleast we know now that she can't have any.
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Congrats on your upcoming "first foal", and I'm sorry to hear about Anna. If those sellers lied about her having had a foal, they should be very ashamed of themselves.
I have a mare that had very small ovaries, we waited an extra year and she got pregnant, so don't give up.

Before you write a letter to the previous owners, Call the registry and see if she has any offspring registered. If not you will have all your ducks in a row. If she does you might want to try again next year in the spring.

I agree you need to call the registry, then, if she has a foal registered get back to the Vet that did the ultrasound. If he is adamant she cannot and has not breed, ask if he would put it in a written statement. If he will, send it to the registry with a written complaint. Let them do all the rest. When they have done their work you may well have a very good case for recompense. I would hold off contacting the sellers direct for now, as what you say will be emotional, and what you actually want is most of your money back!! They totally misrepresented the mare to you, and, if she turns out not to have bred a foal, what they have done is also illegal. Playing devil's advocate, as there is always another side to every story, it is possible she had a foal, some time ago, using the better ovary (it is quite possible to get pregnant on only one, that is all that is ever used) but has failed to get in foal again, which, obviously is why they have sold her.

I also think that it would have been in your best interests to have had this ultrasound done before you bought her. Has she turned out also not to be Falabella??
First of all let me say, that as far as I know, none of the registries gets involved in legal disputes between buyers & sellers. If they did, they'd need huge legal departments & our regular fees would triple! There might be some point in contacting the registry, but I don't believe they offer legal help or dispute resolution.

That's why it's smart to check out the foaling record with the registry or stud book BEFORE you buy. "small ovary" thing is familiar to me in a way.

We had a mare who was with 3 different stallions over her first 5 years. She would not get pregnant, altho she bred. Finally, she got preg. (and bred the whole time by the way!) I thot she was just a late bloomer.

After the foal, we tried to breed her to a very successful stallion, but she wouldn't catch. Tried her on others too. Nothing.

Vet examined her & said her ovaries were like -- walnuts! - yeah, he used that term too. Said even tho she had a foal, she would probably never have another.

So, we sold the mare as a pet - unbreedable. Lo & behold, she got bred again. She had a foal but she never had another & most likely will not. Go figure. So, this was the possible opposite of your story. That foal was a bonus for the buyers & I was truly happy for them.

All I'm saying, is it's not so easy to tell what's up......whether you are a breeder or a vet. But I do understand your feelings.
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Hi Donna,

How have you been?

I apologize for not emailing lately, I've been so busy between work, the horses and adding a college course to my already hectic schedule, fortunately my class is over now and I can get back into my normal routine.

I had two ill horses this weekend, but they definitely seem on the mend and seem to have made a full recovery, though I'm still moderating them closely.

Congratulations on Cayenne, I hope everything goes smoothly for her (and you)! I'm sorry to hear Anna isn't bred and isn't breed sound, I know how much of a disappointment that is to you.

I remember when I inquired about Anna before you purchased her. I too was told she was Falabella registered and IN FOAL along with being AMHA registered ~Sigh.

Take care, I'll be sure to email you later.

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Thanks everyone!

Anna is only registered in WCMHR. Michelle I was never told anything about Anna being registered in AMHA. Falabella goes by need proff that they are falabella well Anna has no proff who her parents are so they took her FMHA papers away.

If anyone wants to do a look up on her I have her full name as...

HODGES FALABELL'S' ANNA MARIA with a date of birth as 3/12/94

Say's breeder is Grady Whitlock from Beckley WV. I also know she was owned by Judson Hodges and Mary Glenn Bell (one's who got her registered in to world class). Not sure if there is a way to check world class registrys to see if they have any info on any foals.

I don't want to start any legal problems but I want the people I bought her from to know how I feel...and yes I feel we should get some money back. I feel we were miss led.

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