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Oct 4, 2003
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My Dollie, who was pasture bred and who is as wide as she is tall, has not had her foal. She is loose on the back end and her bag is as full as it can get but still no foal. We are going to take her for a ride to see if the foal will come soon

Since she is 29.75" tall and now she is 27.00" wide, we have decided that she is carrying a litter and will have six or seven sometime this month.

Please keep me in mind because this is day 37 of she should have it any day now.

She has made me miss hours and hours of sleep. I have now promised to bring her in the house and make her sleep with me if she doesn't have it sooooooon.

My husband and I are taking turns not leaving the house in fear that she is going to have the baby without us.

Any suggestions on making her come sooner than later.
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[SIZE=21pt]Boy, have I got a club for you !!!!!![/SIZE]
Oh my and I thought I wanted to have a baby some day. Dont think I could go thru all of the stuff you are going thru I really would lose my mind. Bless your sleepless nights and crabby days ladies. I hope both of you wake up very soon and there is a tiny bundle of joy waiting for you.
Well, you live in the wrong Nashville, otherwise you and Marty could have got together and formed a "Pity Party" for unborn foals!!!
You poor thing!

I will tell you that my friend has a 28" mare that was a miaden mare and she was HUGE before she foaled a healthy 22" filly a few months ago. I didn't think that would be possible but I guess it is!!

She is still huge after having her foal. She is on pastuer and I think they always look much bigger when they are out on pasture all the time.

I hope you puts you out of your misery soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like today!!!!

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