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Jul 20, 2007
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What is this swelling under Peatrie's neck?????? She is acting ok but I am very concerned. I am wondering if I need to take her to see a vet.



It looks like it could be an abcess. You better get her to the vet. It doesn't look like something you should guess or wait on.
It could be a waddle cyst, saliva gland abcess or something even more serious like CL.

Best bet is to have your vet check it out.

I had two Nubians that had them, they turned out to be waddle cyst ( even though they did not have waddles)

ugly but harmless. But I did have a vet confirm on both.
looks like an abcess to me, too. i had 2 goats that used to get them occasionally. the vet would come out and lance them. nasty though, it looked like runny cottage cheese. bleh! not serious though, just ugly. best to have it treated. if it bursts on its own, which it will if it's a simple abcess, it could lead to infection.
Alright I figured thats what you guys would say
I hope it's just a cyst like you guys had mentioned. Thanks so much for the input. I will let you know what the vet says.
Yes I was thinking that is what it might be. I had a Nubian goat that had it. She didn't get too many cysts and she lived to be 13. Since you don't have any other goats I would give it some time to see how the infection progresses. If it decreases the quality of her life then you may need to let her go to rainbow bridge. Keep your chin up, it might be manageable also.

Prayers for your little cutie.
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