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Nov 15, 2004
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Central Missouri
I posted on Wednesday that my new filly had arrived. I also commented on the fact that Bambi was being quite a "show off". I've tried to put them together twice (Bambi on a lead line both times) and each time he has tried to mount her. He is a 2 year old 37" gelding. She is a year old and 27".

I don't know what to think or do (except keep a fence between them). I got her as a companion for him, but now I can't put them together. Is this something you think will pass? Or is it something that will likely continue to be a problem? He is much too big to be mounting her (even though they can't breed).

Opinions and advice please!!!!
He may settle down after she's been there for awhile.

He can't make her pregnant but I have 3 geldings I have seen actually penetrate mares and act like they are breeding them. The mares can get infections from this
I didn't have him gelded myself; he was sold to me as a gelding. The "equipment" is missing, although I know that isn't definite proof.
Thinking out loud here. If there's a chance he's "proud cut" can a vet draw blood and check for testostorone (sp!) levels? Would that be a way to tell? My geldings that can do what I said actually do not act studdish... one is my yearling leopard colt, gelded at 6mos and I watched the whole thing including the removal of his lima bean size decorations. However, I caught him "breeding" Smidgen. I do have a pony geldings how does act studdish and shows off for mares, protects his little herd of mares, but I have not ever seen him mount much less penetrate one. He was gelded as a yearling.
If he's acting 'studdy" I'd contact the Seller or your Vet and discuss. Jill, yes, I do believe the Vet could draw blood and check his testosterone levels.

AppyLover2, surely he is a gelding and just overwhemled with excitement. In which case I would think this behavior would subside quickly.

The vet is coming next week to check out the new filly. I'll definitely discuss this with her. Thanks bunches ladies!!

Just another thought; how early do they come in season? Even though he is gelded, this may be adding to his "excitement". Though, I have to admit, my big guy didn't seem extroidnarily(sp) intrested.
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I think fillies usually have heat cylces starting early in their yearling year.

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