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Oct 16, 2003
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Well I have had 4 sittings on my other side so far. I decided to go with a peacock as I think they are beautiful and graceful and compliment my other side well and this way if I want to I can make it into a full backpiece. So here are a few pics! I think this is about 15 hours total.




WOW! I'm still waiting to have mine done that you drew for me. I'm hoping to get it done for my birthday in June. That's beautiful.

Wow, that is beautiful...

just got a new one for me yesterday...on the inside of my arm heading towards my wrist is the word "persevere" in my own writing with some scrolls I drew underneath it. It definately has alot of meaning to me as my it's basically my life story. I have three others, no real big ones like yours except my "tramp stamp", it looks to be about the size of yours
. Then I have one on each ankle, one is a koi fish and the other a drum horse. Next one will probably be on the top of my foot, in the fall maybe, probably a nautical star as I love to be out on the boat .

Very pretty colors on yours!

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