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Nov 30, 2002
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Just to clarify, I do not condone hauling minis in anything but a horse trailer, but I know many people do it with great success. When I saw this, I though it would be ideal for minis too

Collapsible ramp
Good idea, Laura. Got to watch the weight limit, though. It says up to 300 lbs.

Be sure to take a look on ebay for folding wheelchair ramps...greater weight capacity AND often less $$.

I'm also a bit concerned about the width of the dog ramps...even if they weren't injured, I would think that stepping off the side just once would sour them on ramps for good.

Keith made a great ramp using a ramp kit from Home Depot (two heavy duty metal braces that are screwed onto tw0 2x8 planks for loading quads and ATVs and such). He then attached a 3'x6' piece of plywood and laid down no-skid tape on that. It works beautifully, but is too heavy for me to lift
I needed the help of Liz (Nootka) and Hillary or the Crabby Chicken family to get it down from and back up on our luggage rack! It's longer than it needs to be, so I'm hoping we can cut it to 4-5' and lighten it up a bit. We could also have used lighter plywood than we did, since the 2x8s bear the weight, but I was paranoid...
My horse trailer is a passenger van and I have an aluminum box where my ramp, that is 1/2" ply board with a rubber covering, slides right under the box. I wouldn't go back to a horse trailer for anything. Plus, this time of the year the horses really like the cool air! LOL
I agree, Karin -- I like having my horses right where I can keep a close eye on them, and in the van they get a smoother ride and air conditioning (not to mention their own stereo controls, LOL). We do plan to eventually buy a big van with a permanent safety barrier and dividers, but for now our Ford Windstar works very well.

I do agree with Lisa of Ruff n Tuff that those transporting in passenger vans need to consider safety with a good safety barrier behind the passenger area and sturdy wire mesh/hardware fabric over the windows...also remember that the idiot drivers out there don't know that you have precious cargo on board.
That would be fine for a older dog that had arthritis But I sure would not trust it with minis at all..For one thing It says Up To 300 Lbs way too light wt.. And 2nd It would be too steep and would be such a chance of a mini slipping on it.. Nope not a good thing for minis IMO Mine Just hop on in with no problem in both my Suburban and my cars.. of which the Suburban is only a 2 wheel drive so it is not that far off the ground like a 4 X 4 would be >..Nope not for minis IMO but sure is a nice idea for like I said for the older dogs and such...

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