Transporting weanling mini?

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Jun 1, 2022
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I’m going to be picking up a new 4 mo old mini in a couple weeks and am wondering if she’ll be big enough to balance in my full-size 2 horse bumper pull trailer? This will be her first trailer ride, it’s about two hour drive. She’ll be the only one in the trailer.

I’ve hauled my yearling mini this way with no problems, but have never transported such a young/small one. The alternative I guess would be to put a tarp and shavings down in the back of our SUV and lift her in or get a ramp. Any tips on safely transporting young ones would be much appreciated! Thanks!
She was a little older when I brought her home, but I hauled my first weanling filly home, 6+ hours in my two horse straight-load trailer (I'm pretty sure before this trip, we extended the divider to the floor, so she couldn't walk under the divider). I left her loose to decide how she wanted to stand; she traveled beautifully.
I hauled a two month old filly an hour to the vet for stitches a few years ago in the same trailer, divider to the floor, her dam was on the other side (so two hours travel time); she traveled just fine.
A couple hours shouldn't be too much trouble.
How exciting, congrats! Can’t wait to see pics!!

I brought Breezy home at 3 and a half months in my full size two horse bumper pull trailer. It was a 3 hour drive all my himself and him was just fine. I didn’t tie him, I left him loose with unlimited hay.

I just brought Nova home at 3 months old in my cargo van. I loved that, I was able to keep a close eye on her 😍 It was a 3 hour drive, she was tied up the entire way and didnt seem bothered at all.

Good luck, I’m sure your new baby will be just fine. 💕💕

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