For those "Waiting" on New Foals....

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Oct 11, 2006
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Central KY
This for all of those awaiting foals.....

I found this really funny account of "A Typical Night In The Life Of A Broodmare Owner" in an issue of Horse & Rider Magazine. I hope you enjoy it....

Are you waiting for that equine bundle of joy to arrive? Here's a tongue-in-cheek account of one horse-person's foal night-watch:

10:00 Gather sleeping bag, alarm clock, and three old horse magazines and head for

the barn.

10:01 Return to house for bag of chips and 32 ounce Diet Pepsi

10:10 Back to barn. Flashlight goes out halfway there. Figure I can make if from

memory. Pat faithful ranch dog's head as he pants and slobbers alongside me.

10:11 Suddenly remember I have no ranch dog!

10:11 Run screaming to the house. Change flashlight batteries. Change underwear.

Return to barn.

10:15 Establish foal-watch headquarters.

10:16 Enter broodmare's stall for the 5,687th time.

10:16 Broodmare flattens ears for the 5,687th time.

10:19 Return to headquarters and squirm into sleeping bag.

11:18 Finally fall asleep.

11:19 Alarm goes off.

11:20 Peek through peephole. Broodmare flattens ears.

11:21 Reset alarm clock and flick off lights.

11:23 Flick on light. Realize 32 ounce Diet Pepsi was a mistake.

11:24 Run to house.

11:29 Walk back to barn.

11:30 One last check of broodmare through peephole. Ears pinned.

11:41 Check peephole. Mare is lying down.

11:42 Enter broodmare's stall carrying "Ye Olde Foaling Manual", 3 pounds of rags,

and iodine.

11:42 Mare breaks wind and gets up - ears pinned.

11:43 Return to sleeping bag and flick off light.

12:29 Fall asleep.

12:31 Alarm goes off.

12:32 Peek through peephole. Broodmare fine. Can't see ears. Assume pinned.

12:33 Back to sleeping bag.

12:39 Leg cramp.

12:40 Leg cramp gone.

1:10 Fall asleep.

1:39 Alarm goes off. Sleep through it.

6:30 Wake up. Glance at clock. Attempt to leap from bed. Crawl to peephole. See

two sets of pinned ears!!


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Dec 30, 2002
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Thanks for posting that and making my day!

That is SO true...sounds just like me before we installed cameras in our foaling barn.

Oh my, I cannot account for all of the time spent walking to the barn night after night, hour after hour checking on mares that way years ago. Thank god for today's technology to make our lives easier...somewhat.

The only difference is nowdays when I lay down to sleep, the "alarm clock" does not wake me...the Equipage alarm does...I raise my head from the pillow only to see the mare laid out flat sleeping soundly. After several nights of these false alarms, now MY ears are pinned back...beeped awake AGAIN by a snoozing mare. GRRRR

Still several sleepless nights, but at least I can be in my own bed to check on mares. LOL



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Oct 19, 2003
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Hahaha, that's cute. Yes, I am waiting on the 2nd set of ears ANY time- she has been waxed for four days now and poop is very loose this morning! Baby has 'disappeared' when looking at the mare from behind...

I am fighting with tonsilitis and a sinus infection and am exhausted- the other morning woke up to find the pager for the breeder alert shut off and UNDER the bed!!!
That happened sometime between 3 and 5 a.m.

And I'm still waiting....

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