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Nov 15, 2004
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Central Missouri
A friend sent this to me and I thought of you ladies when I read it.

"Are you waiting for that equine bundle of joy to arrive? Here's a tongue-in-cheek account of one horse-person's foal night-watch:

10:00 Gather sleeping bag, alarm clock, and three old horse magazines and head for

the barn.

10:01 Return to house for bag of chips and 32 ounce Diet Pepsi

10:10 Back to barn. Flashlight goes out halfway there. Figure I can make if from

memory. Pat faithful ranch dog's head as he pants and slobbers alongside me.

10:11 Suddenly remember I have no ranch dog!

10:11 Run screaming to the house. Change flashlight batteries. Change underwear.

Return to barn.

10:15 Establish foal-watch headquarters.

10:16 Enter broodmare's stall for the 5,687th time.

10:16 Broodmare flattens ears for the 5,687th time.

10:19 Return to headquarters and squirm into sleeping bag.

11:18 Finally fall asleep.

11:19 Alarm goes off.

11:20 Peek through peephole. Broodmare flattens ears.

11:21 Reset alarm clock and flick off lights.

11:23 Flick on light. Realize 32 ounce Diet Pepsi was a mistake.

11:24 Run to house.

11:29 Walk back to barn.

11:30 One last check of broodmare through peephole. Ears pinned.

11:41 Check peephole. Mare is lying down.

11:42 Enter broodmare's stall carrying "Ye Olde Foaling Manual", 3 pounds of rags,

and iodine.

11:42 Mare breaks wind and gets up - ears pinned.

11:43 Return to sleeping bag and flick off light.

12:29 Fall asleep.

12:31 Alarm goes off.

12:32 Peek through peephole. Broodmare fine. Can't see ears. Assume pinned.

12:33 Back to sleeping bag.

12:39 Leg cramp.

12:40 Leg cramp gone.

1:10 Fall asleep.

1:39 Alarm goes off. Sleep through it.

6:30 Wake up. Glance at clock. Attempt to leap from bed. Crawl to peephole. See

two sets of pinned ears!!"