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Aug 18, 2013
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My weanling Luna was born a sorrel, but is now getting more and white hairs in her coat. Does this mean that she could be changing color? I know that some people say its like opening a present the next spring because they change color so much. If she is changing color, what color could she change into? I will add some pictures later.

Dam- Sorrel

Sire- Buckskin

Grandam on mares side- Black

Grandsire on mares side- Palomino

Grandam on stallions side- Black

Grandsire on stallions side- Buckskin
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Any appy coloration in her background? If not, then the likely cause of scattered white hairs coming in is Sabino roaning. Sabino is a white patterning gene that causes basic facial markings, leg white, and varying degrees of roaning.
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