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Apr 29, 2007
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I got a surprise this morning. Thank god everything went O.K. She showed no signs last nite.
Congrats!!!!!! Where's the pictures????

I cant get the pictures to post. She is out of my perlino. And by my palomino.
I'd be happy to post the pictures for you if you want to send them to me. We all wanna see your new lil girl.
thanks everyone I have finally named her Allezay. Ally for short. She is out of my perlino mare Buckeye WCF Cotton Echo. And by my palomino stallion Vallhalla Farms Tiny Trigger. I just havent gotten a registerd name, It has to start Flaxen Acres.
Congratulations, she is a beauty! Ally is a cute name.

Just out of curiosity, for my own future reference, was her mom a maiden giving you no signs, or did she just wait to deliver before bagging up? I've got one who would be on her 2nd foal *IF* there is one at all hiding in there.
This was her 2nd baby. She was bagged but didnt wax up or act differant. Thank god she didnt have trouble.I have been watching on the camera for 3 weeks.

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