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Lightning crest farm

Ok my gelding is looking not so very good i need help fitting him!!! What should i feed a 31" show gelding?? He is the one in my avatar and if you look on the photo forum and look at the topic "Bethany horseshow" there are pics of my horse, does anyone think he can be a top ten at worlds? LOL sorry i am only 13


I can't answer you question in regard to Worlds......but just knowing his registered name, he probably has good bloodlines behind him. And from his pictures, he's a very handsome fellow. Now it's partly up to YOU on whether or not he can live up to it all.

It's important to find out what he was being fed when he came to you. This will help to determine if he should be cut back, increased, or just adjusted a little.

What the most important aspect is, you're going to find, is getting him in shape. And that's the most time-consuming part of getting a horse ready for the national level competition.

Good luck.........And please share about the feeding. That IS a part of it.
Couldn't see a current picture of him. Can you post one??? Is he overweight, underweight or what???

I feed my 32" gelding this: 4-5 cups soaked beet pulp, 2-3 cups 4-way grain, 1/2 flake morning hay and 1/2 flake hay at night. My gelding is an easy keeper (in my avatar), but you'll have to adjust their feed to how much work he's getting and just watch his back. Most horses lose weight on their back first and its the hardest to get weight back on there (pasture is the easiest to put it back on).

Exercise is most important to get that "show" look. You'll want your horse toned (he may need a neck sweat). I would lunge him 15 minutes a day. You can put trot poles down to make his workout harder or to just mix it up. Also practice him in other areas he may be trained in (driving, jumping, obstacle, halter).

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