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Mar 28, 2005
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I have been looking at an easy entry cart, but there so expensive, I would just rather put the money toward a new horse, if I can find a set of a harnnes and an easy entry cart for around $500.00 I would be so happy! Does anyone know where I could find some cheap carts and harnneses?


You may be able to find a second hand EE cart for $400 or so in good condition. They are so hard to find second hand, though...

I just wanted to caution about the "cheap harness". You can get some for $100 - $150 that have a flimsy red browband. You won't know by looking at pictures how cheaply made and DANGEROUS the harness I'm speaking of is. You want to be sure you get a sturdy harness and not a flimsy one (which are available on eBay and other places).

The browband is about the only thing on those that ISN'T flimsy, LOL.

I bought one of those a few years ago, not knowing any better. Aside from having it entirely re-stiched, it has worked fine, but the original stitching was all junk. I ditched the reins that came with it without using them as well, and had a harness maker craft me a pair that were long enough for some ground driving, and certainly MUCH heavier than one would find on a typical mini harness, so everything works fine, but you are right, they're generally junk, and should be avoided.

Think one of the mini tack suppliers is having a special on easy entry carts for R Nationals, if the order is placed by August 31st? Was either Star Lake, or Ozark. Their EE cart was $395 if ordered by the above date, I'm assuming you would need to pick up at Nationals, but not sure on that one.
I have to say-if you go too 'cheap' on such equipment, you may well be sorry. For safety AND comfort of horse and driver, decent equipment is SOOOO important! Easy Entry carts should be balanced and NOT too heavy; the best price for a NEW,decent-looking EE I have seen is CTM(www.ctmproducts.com), advertised in MHW at $395 plus tax and shipping. If you are close enough to either of the "national" shows, I would surely check on the possibility of ordering one and then picking it up there(if you were going anyway!)When inquiring, ask such questions as: how much does it weigh, and is the seat adjustable(forward/back)for good balance.

Decent harness is NOT likely to be found on ebay at $99! However, if you will keep it simple, it can still be obtained for around $300, I think. Remember, if you buy quality gear, and take good care of it, if ever you don't need it, there will be a good resale market for it. This is something to think of when contemplating the cost, I believe.

Edited to add: Used EE means a used Easy Entry cart; because they are in such demand, you will seldom see one advertised for sale-people usuallly sell them by word-of-mouth, without having to advertise!

As for the harness you put the link up for--it is next to impossible to know how "good" a harness is if you can't actually see it, "in person", and/or don't know the reputation of the maker. Things like leather quality, quality of stitching/riveting, proper proportions of parts, whether or not the blinder stays have wire in them, the padding/proportions of the harness saddle,and whether it has a tree,etc., are all part of what constitutes overall quality. It would be very helpful to order from someone who themself KNOWS about harness, or sit down with someone who does and can advise you as to what you want/need. Also, a return guarantee, as to fit and suitability to use, would be a BIG plus!
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I have ordered two harnesses through Mini Express, with good result.

The show harness I purchased is outstanding, excellent finish and leather quality. It is not that cheap though, and also is a fine harness not really suitable for cross-country work.

The pleasure harness is a decent piece of equipment. The leather quality is not as good as that of the show harness. But becomes nice with the addition of a little neatsfoot and a couple of hours of elbow grease. ;) It is not as cheap as the one you linked to, but I think is pretty much the bottom line of quality I would go with. Here is a link to it:


The other thing to know about Mini Express is to order in advance (I would say 8-10 weeks, depending on time of year), as it does take a little time to get your harness made and delivered. She does not charge your card until it is ready to ship.
the one for $135 I wouldn't go with. Looks like the blinker stays do not have wire support to keep them off your horse's eyes.
Miss_Fortune said:
I found one for $135 not including shipping. Its all leather too. I dont know what quality it is, I didnt buy mine there, but heres the link. http://www.tack-wholesale.com/cgi-bin/ez-c...y.cgi?24X334316

Good luck

Im still trying to find a cart myself.


Thats the wholesale price, I dont know if they would sell that price to just anyone who wants to buy one for there own use!

When looking for inexpensive harness you should look at good used harness as opposed to cheap new harness. The cheaper new harness is of course made from "100% genuine leather" (I kind of though all leather is genuine). A good harness is made from OIL TANNED leather as opposed to dry tanned leather. Dry tanned leather can easily be recognized because when you flex it there will be tiny cracks that begin to develop immediately. The thin straps will show signs of wear after just one or two uses (make sure you give them the one or two uses before you put it on the counter to buy it.) A harness made from oil tanned leather will feel stiff and become supple when used as opposed to feeling flimsy if that is a meaningful description. There are a large number of cheap harnesses out there to stay away from. An old adage says never buy a used harness unless it has mold on it. Leather does not mold, The treatments we use to clean and preserve leather is what tends to mold. Thus if a harness does happen to have a bit of mold you can be assured that it has been taken care of during its life.
Once again I dont know the quality of the harness I listed. But I do know that the price is $135, they sell tack at the price it would cost to make not the price that stores would sell them at.
can't help on carts, but for harnesses... i got mine for $125 canadian, it works GREAT! no problems at all & its safe. bought new. so good cheap ones ARE out there!
good luck gage!
Anyone can order from that tack-wholesale place. I ordered a leather barn halter and one of their rolled leather "show" halters and a friend ordered their harness at the same time. All were dry and crackly. We cleaned, oiled, conditioned and put LOTS of work into them just to make them at all serviceable. One blinker broke off entirely on the third use despite all of the work. My leather barn halter frayed and broke within a few weeks and the "show halter" I still use for practice sometimes, but the edges of it all frayed up quickly. I also bought a pair of their $40 barn boots and the sole split. No way am I EVER getting anything from them again!!! For an inexpensive but better harness, try the ones at Little Steppers...I have seen one of those in action after it has had a lot of use and it still looks nice enough.


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