Dollie gave birth

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Oct 4, 2003
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After 60 days of watching that mare, she decided to fool us last night. At midnight she looked the same as she has everynight so far. My husband checked her at 3 this morning and what did she have but a foal at her side.

This is Dollie before foaling her colt.


This is Dollie today after foaling

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Hey Marion, thanks for the phone call. That was way cool! I sure wish I had free minutes I'd be calling everyone on the forum! Hey, did I do good? Working on loosing the accent. It creeps out every now and then but nothing compared to what it was !!! LOL

Sorry for the disconnect though, a storm came out of nowhere and took out the phone for about an hour.

I love that baby! Loving that color and that head marking. Wow. Gorgeous. He's just super. Dolly looks great too, the little sneak! Boy am I glad it went so well for her too. I bet you are going to sleep early tonite!

Not me, I'll be up just "uddering around"
Too bad you missed it, that happened to us with one this year too. Glad all went ok, pretty baby, congrats!
Dollie and Duke will be on the camera tonight.

If you go to my web site then the web cam they will be on tonight at 10:00
Well.....glory be! Don't ya just love it when they surprise you like that!

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