Does anyone know this horse?

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Aug 25, 2007
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Albany, New York
LTD White Chief

He's AMHR registered. I'm interested in purchasing him but I want to know if anyone knew anything about his background?

Please send me a private message with any information you may have.

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I used to own chief and sold him to Leeana. Are you his new owner?? Would love to hear how hes doing. I have lots of good pics of him if you want them.

As far as more info: Hes a magic man son and is a maximum expression overo which is why hes white. He does have black spots in his ears. We showed him in halter and jumping. He was trained to drive when I got him. Hes a neat horse!

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Someone owns him over in CT. She's trying to sell him. I think her name is Leslie. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm interested in him but he's a 3 hour drive for me. Just wanted to know as much as possible before I made the trip out there. I'd love to see more pictures of him.

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Hmm I thought he had just been sold?? Strange. Maybe Leeana will come online. When we had him he was a great gelding and had a good disposition. My son had a lot of fun showing him but wanted a show shetland so we sold him so Kyle could get a shetland.
I'm looking for my first show mini. I have a pet mini which has gotten me started but now I want something that I can do breed shows with and really show me the mini world from a showing prospective.

I e-mailed his owner with a list of questions explaining my need to know as much as I can before I hop in the car for a 3 hour drive with an infant, but she answered my 20 questions with a one sentence answer. I hope the e-mail was a mistake and she'll e-mail me again with more answers.

That's a shame he has had that many homes is such a short time.
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