Do deer make a noise?

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Dec 30, 2006
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It was really foggy when I went out to open the back gate for the horses this morning. There was rolling fog across the field and it was quite dark. The air was still and crisp.

The neighbour has deer on his property. As i opened the gate to the back field, I heard this groaning noise. I stopped in my tracks and listened again. Yes, it was a groaning sound. It kind of sounded like a pig!

The only thing I can think of was that is was the deer but I have never heard them make a noise before.

I was really scared. It would have made a great scene from a horror movie with the fog and the growl coming from across the field.

Hope my little horses are safe back there!

Remember I'm from Australia so we don't get bear or anything like that. Could it have been the deer?

Wish my hubby was here. He'd know!

>>> biting my nails <<<<

oxo Leonie xox
Sounds like a buck to me.

They can be pretty loud. Even though it's a deer, you don't want to mess with it.

Bucks can be pretty dangerous when the're rutting.
sounds like you heard a "grunt"...distinct sound that deer make...they also "bleet" and make many many other noises...ones you would never think come out of a deer.
When I was attending Meredith Manor Equestrian Center in WV, I was on the night feed schedule. The deer knew what time we fed and they would be waiting. They fed whole corn there and the deer loved it. One night I had my head down in a stall trying to fix the water bucket when I heard noise right behind me. There was a big eyed doe standing right next to me trying to get my can of corn :DOH! At first I thought it was pretty cool but then remembered hearing that deer can be quite nasty when they want to be. So I moved and she ran off to a more comfortable distance. I sure wish we had deer around here!!!! I really enjoyed seeing them. Sometimes they would bring more with them. One night I even saw a buck with them. Most of the time it was doe's and their babies.

Your experience does sound like a scary movie
on that one commercial with the car insurance and the guy jogging and then being attacked by a buck and i think the deer was growling. i brought thid up to my naeighbor whos a hunter and said wouldnt it be a lol if that happened to someone. he said it could happen because when bucks are ina rut they act like that so be careful
Oh great thanks guys, I was just about to head out to check on the girls, we live in the middle of the woods and we get deer, moose (big ones!!!!!!), coyotes, and some people have seen bears. Oh and it's foggy too! I try not to think about it, and I make the 20 ft dash between house and barn without light but that was just the encouragement I needed to get off this nice warm comfy chair and go out there........

Don't worry though...bucks aren't in rut now so they are not "crazy" ...that happens in the fall.
correct me if i'm wrong..but it IS fall in australia! lol anyhow yes deer do make noises. They will "blow" (kind of like a horse.. ) and grunt and make some other noises. We have had a heavy population here on and off for years and i got quite used to the noises they'd make even after dark (lots of cunching and crackling branches and stuff). Used to freak everyone else out though. Bucks can be nasty but i've never actually heard or seen of one attacking someone . Moose are more a concern. big dumb stupid critters.
Nah never heard a deer make that kind of a noise but I have heard that is "exactly" the noise BIGFOOT makes when he is really really hungry.............


LOL heard that too bonnie ;) I'm not so sure it was deer probably WAS big foot up here in the frozen tundra!!
When deer are scared will also bark like a dog, we have a fallow deer and scared me one night, could not believe the sound it made...
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Great, now my hubby really does need to come home. He can head out to the back field with a big stick.

It's fall/autumn here now. Nice time of year.

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