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May 9, 2007
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I still need some major work done at the dentist and my insurance is maxed out and I am too, I've been told to ask for a discount. I'm looking at about $2700 worth of work left to be done and have spent so far this year $1000 in insurance and about $1500 in cash. So I am about half way through. I have an appointment on Monday where I will ask for a discount.

Has anyone here done this or know of anyone who has? Also, what would you expect the discount to be as a percentage?
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I have never asked for a discount. Most places they only give discounts if you are uninsured. So since you have insurance, I wouldnt expect much if any.
I think someone I knew once got small a discount for cash at a dentist... I would certainly ask!
My husband pays for our dental insurance. It is deducted weekly from his pay checks and I would guess that he pays out about $400 to 500.00 a year. This is the first year that we have maxed it out. Our routine visits the rest of year will be paid out of our pockets. So I don't see think it would be out of line to ask them to consider a little discount to get us to have the work done now instead of waiting. I have some cash set aside, just not all of it. It does have to be done all at once, but is not bothering me right now, so I can wait.

As I see it right now, I have the choices of:

a. waiting on the rest of the work until Jan. 09 and maxing the insurance out again and paying at least $1700 out of pocket at that time (appeals as it is the chickens way out)

b. asking for a discount now and scraping the cash together

c. finding a dentist that has lower rates (there are many around here)

I think asking for a discount is reasonable. They do seem to be slow right now and I have discussed waiting until next year on the rest. Just I am out of work right now and I would like to get it done before I find another job so I won't have to take time off for it later. But since I'm not working, I won't go into debt now to have it done. After all, all they can say is no.
Contact a University that teaches Dentistry, probably would get a huge discount to let dental students work on you.
Thanks for the suggestion, I hadn't thought about that but I might just do it. We have quite a few near us. It certainly is an option worth looking into in order to stay within my budget.

Anyone ever had dental work done by students? Please share your experience if you have.
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I see no reason why you shouldn't ask for a discount. Obviously, you've provided this dentist with a lot of business so I say go for it!! What's the worst that can happen...... he say's no! Our dentist does give a small discount if you pay cash that day.
I worked in dentistry for a long time. Can't really remember any private deals, however,

I know that your dentist can write to your insurance company and see if they are

willing to deal. They might, and its worth him contacting them for you.

He can also get you a pre-estimate from them and there is the chance that your

insurance company might let you work something out so I think you need to be

talking this over with your dentist first before you move on to another.
I did have a thorough dental exam, x-rays, and a good cleaning at a dental college before. It went well.

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