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Oct 9, 2004
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Townville Pa.
I am very pleased to say that all of our horses placed in their halter classes.
Some of the classes were very large and since we have more of the larger mini's it was hard to compete against the real small ones. Some of the classes we looked like we were in the wrong age group. (our yearlings are 33 inches and theirs are about 25 inches), The judge was a quarter horse judge.

So here is how our kids did.

James - 4 + gelding 3rd out of 7, leadline 4th out of 17, therapeutic walk trot 1, the judge was kind and gave all 3 first place. pleasure driving we did not place was 20 in the class. I was glad just to survive the class. They had monster trucks starting up every 5- 10 minutes and my horse just came unglued,
luckly enough it happened right before we went in and right after we were going, And my husband was there to grab him. Then we took 2nd out of 4 in the costume class.

Abby - yearling stallion 4th out of 8

Buckshot - yearling stallion 5th out of 8

Dancer - yearling mare 5th out of 5

Toy - 4yr + Mare 5th out of 11

Toy & Ernie - Mare & Foal 3rd out of 5

Ernie - foal stallion 2nd out of 7

Ernie & Star - produce of dam 3rd out of 3

Star - 2 & 3 yr mare 2nd out of 4

We love going to the fair but are very happy when it is all over and we can go home. We had to be in on Sat. and could not leave until 8 pm the next Sat. So it is a very long week.


please excuse my bad spelling. I have always had problems with it
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Nov 30, 2002
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[SIZE=14pt]CongraTulations! Sounds like fun . Our state fair is after nationals and we usually have about that many too. It is open to all registered minis.[/SIZE]


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