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Steph G

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Jun 10, 2005
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I'm getting geared up the the show in TN coming up and am getting more and more nervous by the day. It will be my first mini show and I've entered to be in quite a few classes(probably be kicking myself later). Anyway, I posted a video on the other forum asking about how to get more rear end engagement and extension out of my gelding. Now I have another question.

Does he look more W. Country Pleasure or Country Pleasure? I entered him in country pleasure because I completely forgot about the addition of W. Country Pleasure and now I think I might need to change my entry.

Please let me know what you think?
Hi Steph G

Glad to hear you are getting geared up for what promises to be a great show!! (TN).

I would thing CP as I believe for WCP they have to kinda have to hold there head down a bit more. (I think). I do not know a whole lot regarding WCP. But I do know that there is a thread on the forum regarding the diffrences.

See you at the show!!

I was informed last year at the Nationals that Western Country Pleasure driving is for the type of horse that can't set his head vertical. Your horse looks to be country pleasure to me. They want the nose out like the big horses that do western country pleasure, also known as "Egg Rollers". Just my opinon....
Western is for the horse who's natural head set is not more than 5" above the highest point of the withers.

Your horse has a little too much action for Western IMO. You don't want any knee action in Western, has to be very smooth. The nose isn't out any more than Country, just a lower head set. The horse should still be on the bit.

Some horses may start in Western and as they build strength go to Country Pleasure just as in the past some horses started out in Country and as they built strength went on to Pleasure.

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