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Aug 18, 2003
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Ok I just got back some color test results and I'm trying to wrap my head around the Agouti result.

aa -- Only recessive allele detected. Black pigment distributed uniformly. The basic color of the horse will be black in the absence of other modifying genes.
Does the above statement mean the horse DOES NOT carry Agouti???
Okey Dokey

So the horse does carry black right???

And since the horse tested positive for one cream gene that would make the horse a smokey black..............

Oy these colors are confusing
Agouti has nothing to do with whether or not a horse carries black--it doesn't test for black. It only tests for the gene that RESTRICTS black to the points of the horse. In other words, a black horse with agouti would become a bay, rather than a solid black.

To know if your horse carries black, you would have to do a red factor test.

What color is your horse?
Well I thought he was a very dark Sooty Buckskin, because in his summer coat he is almost golden.

I don't think there is any chance he carries I guess he's smokey black.

Here he is in his Summer Coat...........



And here he is this past November............

He is clearly a black based horse... his photo and the test results show that. Because he does not have the bay modifier (Agouti) he cannot be bay or buckskin. If he has the cream gene as well that does make him a Smoky Black. What a Red Factor (Extension) test would tell you about him now is whether he is a homozygous black (EE), or a black that is recessive to red (Ee). If he is recessive to red then he can throw red based (chestnut and palomino) foals. If he is homozygous for black he cannot have any red based foals. What color is his filly from this year? If she is red you would not need to even have him tested for Red Factor. That or if he has a red parent or has had a red foal in the past you would know he is recessive to red as well.

PS forgot to say... the patterning on his back is really neat. It looks like lacing, but I've seen other horses with a similar pattern that people say is brindling.
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Looks smokey black to me (assuming cream gene). Is one of his parent's grey? Looks like a greying going on there too. Very interesting "lacing" on his back!!
Thanks guys!!!

No he is not greying, no grey parents................


he could very well carry silver, his sire is silver dapple.

I will post pictures of his filly in a little while. I had her tested also and she also carries cream and is almost his same color, so she must be smokey black too.

Thanks again and I will post pics of his filly later tonight
A black horse cannot "carry" silver - silver will always express on black. Since he isn't a silver - he doesn't have silver.

He does appear to be a smoky black and yes, that appears to be lacing on his back. Don't be surprised if the lacing progressively becomes more extensive and lighter as he gets older.

Brindle creates verticle stripes on the sides. Lacing creates the reticulated pattern like this horse has on his back.
What a neat color he is!!!! Love the lacing. Geez these smokey blacks can be almost any color. My chocolate looking mare turned out to be a smokey black when I had her dna tested and she looks NOTHING like your boy. This dna testing if very informative.
Ok finally here are some new pictures of his filly who also just tested positive for the cream gene. She also has blue grey eyes that were ice blue as a baby. She has changed colors more times than I can count.

This filly is out of a sorrell mare. Her Dam is actually Ruby who I posted the chunky monkey pictures of the other day.




As far as I can tell she does not have any lacing.........yet

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