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Boss Mare

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Aug 17, 2003
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Mechanicsville, MD
I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to really read or post on the forum, but now things are settling down some and here I am!

Okay, as most of you know I just bought a 14.0 hh. gelding, "Jesse". He's my first 'big' horse in a couple of years since I sold my last full size horse. It took me a while to finally decide to make the move again and get a full size and I was very selective about the horse I chose. Jesse really seems to be a great horse, from what I can tell the short time he has been here.

The day I met him his whole personality and ways just screamed "Samson!" to me. Samson was my first pony, 13.2 hh. gelding who was really, my soul mate and passed away 10/12/01.

The day AFTER I got Jesse I checked the mail and noticed two AMHA envelopes. I found it rather odd since I was just expecting one thing from AMHA (a temp. to perm. certificate). I openeded one envelope and it's the certificate I wanted, great..... I opened the other and it's a certificate and DNA results for a horse I've never owned or even know of. I look close and read the horse's name .... Part of the horse's name (not the prefix) is "Samson".

I know my farm is Samson's Acres and I could see if I used Samson's Acres or Samson anywhere in my prefix or registration, but absolutely nothing on record with any of the registries is Samson, since I use my own personal name or initials for everything.

What do ya think?! I find this so ironic and almost spooky. I thought it was a cute topic either way.

(I did mail the certificate back to AMHA the following day)
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Not spooky that is sychronicity!!!!

Its from your old pony saying iu am with you!

Michelle, I think you know
Samson is with you forever

That is neat!
Events like that make you think all things are connected somehow.
Not spooky at all. It's lovely.

Sampson is letting you know he's with you and puting his "hoof' of approval on your new "Jesse".....

Events like that make you think all things are connected somehow.
My first show saddles id and production numbers were a mingling of my fathers and my birthdates. Didnt notice untill I got it home. Yes, seems like all things are related if we look

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