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runaway ranch

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Jun 4, 2004
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My appy dun had a beautiful colt this morning, but I could have lost both. My equipage went off and when I got to the birthing barn, I found Penny straining and one leg out. I reached in and found the colt's nose was up under the pelvis. By the grace of God I was able to push the foal back in & reach under this nose and reposition his head. Thank goodness for small hands. One leg was still back, but between Penny and me we got him out. He has the longest legs and a wonderful blanket. He is now up and doing fine.
Congratulations on your beautiful new boy!!! I'm so happy everything turned out good for him and your mare
Congratulations on a lovely boy - I agree, our equipage systems pays for itself over and over again each year.
Great save!
Congratulations! We couldn't do without our Equipage system!

Congratulations Lisa! This is great, isn't it amazing how we can find the knowledge and strength within us to do what we have to do when the time comes! I totally agree, the Equipage is worth it's weight in gold! You have a beautiful little colt their!!

he looks like a beautiful colt can't wait to see dry pics

so glad you were able to save the day

an equipage is on my wish list one of these days

right now we are using a foal buzzer which isn't bad but equipage sounds alot more versitile

hope I have your ability to save a situation without getting to nervous if the need ever arrises

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So glad that you were able to save both of them!!!! He's beautiful! Congratulations Lisa!!!
Here he is at 4 hours, not quite unfolded yet. When I entered the stall he trotted right over to me. We really bonded with that difficult birth.

He's really beautiful, congratulations!!

He is gorgeous!! "CONGRATULATIONS!" on a beautiful little man and thank goodness you were able to help get him out safely!

He is just adorable - love the dried off picture - really shows that little spotted appy butt!!

Bet Penny is one proud Momma!!

Hugs to you, to Pappa Sligo, to Momma Penny and a special hug for that precious baby - I can't wait to get there to see him in person!!
SO glad you were able to deliver him safely and they are all ok! He is very cute!

No matter what kind of alert people use, they are sure worth their weight in gold when it comes to saving a life or lives!!!!

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