Fantastic Progress With Baby Vicky

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Jan 6, 2022
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Edon, Ohio
I worked with Vicky last evening holding onto the catch strap with standing still, stepping up, shaking hands and kissing. I am not growing a summer beard but have not shaved in three weeks. I think it helped with having Vicky doing kisses. It took a bit to get her to touch my chin with her nose. the second time she seemed to like putting her nose on my stubbled chin. This morning she was ready when I aske her for a kiss but needed a little help with the strap. When I was ready to let her think about all we had worked and get out of her pen she rant to Kacie for a nip of milk. she came back just as I was starting to get up from the chair and I ask if she wanted a good by kiss and ,leaned down. She put her nose up to my face. With taking a hold of her strap I ask if she wanted to shake. I reached down at took her leg and shook her leg and she stood still. Earlier working with her on step up whit a tight strap until she stepped up many times I let her go get a nip of milk she came back and stood just out of my reach, I ask her to step up and she did. I reached out and took the strap and flipped it around and she didn't move away. I am so excited with her picking up with out my holding and rocking her as I have always done. No video but I just had to share.
I have been up to me ears in alligators with repairing lawn mowers and mowing tall yard grass. I mowed one yard that was still kinda wet.
the other one I let dry another day and still had the tractor tread tracks most places. The Craftsman 42 inch needed new mandrels and the belt tightener rebuilt. Saying this to say I was beat and to lazy to video Vicky's progress. Tonight she lit up my evening. She was waiting for me to get in the pen and sit down. I ask her for a kiss and she obliged me without putting a hand on her. We shook hands with both front legs with plenty of the good girls and lots of neck and front shoulder rubbing.I reached back and took hold of her left rear leg lifting it up while holding her strap. about three time with the good girl thing. I the turned her around and took hold of her right rear leg and she rested quite strongly. We then did the hold until she stopped pulling and dropped her leg with the good girl. It took several times and then she stopped resisting altogether. We did a couple hand shakes and kisses when I started the walk command. As I walked her back and forth I worked on her turning by moving her rear around rather than her front. I was able to get her to do it once without me pushing her rear, After that she stopped cold in front of me and lifter her left front leg to shake. I shook her leg laughing and ask her if I could have a good night kiss which she gave me. People that do not spend time early working on these things do not get to know how intelligent these horses are when born. Vicky will be three weeks old tomorrow. My only treats to her are a show of love. Some times Kacie will come and ask for her forehead to be rubbed while I am working/playing with Vicky.

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