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Jul 6, 2007
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Elwood, Utah
I'm looking into buying an Oster minimax trimmer for doing legs and small spaces. I have a wahl chromado clipper, but the blades are the 5 in one deal and I go through 2 of those blades every year. So that's around $40-50 extra bucks each year. So I thought if I get one with interchangable blades, it would help save me some money since I can get these blades sharpened. I have a Laube trimmer. Its too huge for me to manuever good around the nooks and crannies. It uses Andis blades on it and they look just like the oster clipper interchangable blades. So I was wondering if you guys have used other than oster blades in osters and have it work just fine???? Thanks!
I have an Oster MiniMax, but I only use it on faces and inside ears. I haven't had to sharpen or replace the blade yet. I will be watching for the answers here, too.
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I was told recently when I got my Oster blades sharpened that Oster blades only fit Oster clippers and that most other brands are interchangeable between blades and clippers. 'Be sure to check it out carefully!


Thanks. I sent an email question about it to Jeffer's where I'm looking. So hopefully they can anwer my question.
We have the Double K cable clippers-- we use Oster, and Andis blades in it -- makes no difference.

I actually prefer the Andis blades but we have mostly Oster as that seems to be what is sold in our part of Canada. A set of Blades here cost about $48.00 to $54.00 dollare depending on where you get them.

I try to pick up blades when we go to the states as we get them there for $17 to $19.00 Makes quite a difference.

it is $8.00 per blade to get them sharpened here -- so we get all of ours sharpened when we go to NAtionals -- that guy does a terrific job of sharpening.
Thanks. I am thinking since these ones are a more specialty, smaller clipper, that it won't work switching with regular blades. I'm going to see if I can find them locally first before buying. Thanks for the opinions!

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