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Willow Flats

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Oct 30, 2017
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Northern California
It stopped raining this afternoon so my husband and I went on a 5 mile walk. The farrier was supposed to come so I left $105. in the tack room for him for the 3 minis in case I didn't get back in time. He charges $35.00 per mini (while the other farriers around here charge $50.00, the same as full size horses.) When I got home the envelope had $50 change in it! His note said he charged $35.00 for one and only 10 each for the other two because he said they didn't need much work. (Those were my two driving horses.) Anyway, he could have taken ALL the money for coming out to service them. What a great guy!

A few weeks ago I gave his number to my teenage friend and her sister who just got their first horses. The farrier GAVE her a glove and a rasp and taught her how to use it between his visits. Pretty amazing! I will not even tell you what the vet charged for sheath cleaning my two geldings on the dentist day. It made the "half price dentistry special" a joke!!!!!

If you all have had any special treatment from a vet or farrier this year let us know!
WOW! Sweet farrier!! I love honest people!!1

Sheath cleaning around here is about $25 per horse. My farrier charges $45 per horse.…but he does have an hour drive to trim my 4 boys. The price has gone up from $40 per horse since we have moved.… but I don’t care, he is very dependable and reliable so I will pay extra, no problem.💕💕
My farrier can be quite taciturn. He goes to my sister first, so she will sometimes text me when he is on his way and give a heads up on his mood. But he does a great job and is so reliable. I cringe when I see him straighten up with a little groan--please don't get too old too soon!
I'm currently waiting on my farrier, he should be here any minute. He's like Willow's farrier and sometimes only charges me a little if they really don't need a full trim. He's even stopped in and trimmed my foundered welsh pony beween cycles for nothing. I have a big Christmas tip waiting in my wallet to give him as soon as he's finished up today. He seriously went above and beyond with my welshie this year and deserves it.
I'd love to do my own but I have low back issues and I pay for it bending for any period of time. My farrier has a real bad back. He wears knee pads and crawls around the horses on his hands and knees and when he gets up he pushes himself up with the rasp.

I got a dog grooming table for Christmas! I gave Belle a haircut and it was a game changer. I had schnauzers before so I have that style down and it saves me $90 at the groomers.

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