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Aug 26, 2007
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Southern Maine
I have heard the ceramic blades cannot be sharpened, though they last longer without sharpening. What about the tatanium/ceramic mix blades? Can those be sharpened??
Hi Matt, I send all my blades to Crescendo Acres in NH for sharpening. They do a great job. And I'm sure they will know.

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I sharpen and people will say that you can sharpen the ceramic, however they never come back the way they should be.

That is why I personally do not use them. It is easier to have a blade I can sharpen.
I sent two blades (that I bought from Jeffers labeled as ceramic blades) along with several steel ones to Fort Worth Shaver last month. They called me saying they could not sharpened the two "ceramic" because they were plastic even though they appeared to be ceramic.

Said they could replace them with ceramic blades for $10.00 and they would be able to sharpen them in the future.

I decided to do that as it is cheaper than buying a new blade. In the future I will buy regular Oster blades to start with then I will know what I am getting.
They can be sharpened if you have the right hone to do it on. The hone is not cheap but there are those out there with them. If we had more call for it we would invest in one.

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