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Nov 30, 2002
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Here are some recent pics of my little champagne filly, Sunset :)

She just looked so pretty to me (her biased "mom") two days ago, I had to take some pics! :) I love all the different colors in her face! :)

Susan O.



Gee whilikers, Susan, she's gorgeous! Now will those beautiful blue eyes stay that way, or will they turn amber?

oh Susan, she is sooooooooo gorgeous, I just wish I had the money to get her!

Thanks Melba,

She has a good chance of keeping her blue eyes since her sire Prince has the splash white gene and is a champagne with pinto blue eyes :)

Two of her paternal champagne brothers last year, JJ and Superstition) kept one blue eye and one turned amber. It was so neat :)

Susan O.
Well Gage,

As long as she is here you can always come visit her. :)

I hope you are still coming tomorrow to see my babies!

Susan O.
I wish I had the money to buy her too, Susan, Can I come to visit?? I'll be out tomarrow!
Seriously, she is a beautiful filly!

Yes you can always come visit!

Tomorrow is a good time!!!...........Before the snow flies for you and me both :)))

Susan O.
horsehug said:
Well Gage,
As long as she is here you can always come visit her. :)

I hope you are still coming tomorrow to see my babies!

Susan O.


Well were sure planning on it Susan! I am soooooooooooooo excited! I cant wait:)

She's beautiful, Susan!!! I love her markings! I also love your photos because they always show the gorgeous scenery in the background (I know, it's not winter yet!)

Thanks for sharing!

Liz R.
Well Susan next time you head down here NM way you can just stick her in your passenger seat, I think she'd be verrry happy at my house
Her color is magnificent, but those crystal-blue eyes...oh my, I love them!
I got to go see her today! She is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo sooooooooooo sooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!! She was the one that was standing behind me the whooooooooooooolllllllllllleeeeeeeee time, and didnt want me to leave her and if I went to see any of the other horses, she was RIGHT there behind me!!! and then Susan's little Palomino colt stood by me for along time, then he got tired and went and took a nap! I was there just not even a hour ago:)

I would recomd buying that little filly to ANYONE! she is VERY VERY sweet! and I LOVE her color and she has GORGEOUS blue eyes! She is ten times cuter/prettier in real life!

Hey Lindsay, I might be coming down through there in a couple of months! hahaha

And Gage, Thanks for the great recommendation! hahaha :)

Ten times cuter??? Now what does that say for my photography?? huh? :)

Another load of hay is here, time to go stack again!

Thanks everyone for all your kind words!! :)

Susan O.

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