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Oct 31, 2004
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Auckland New Zealand
I have seen a few clipped babies around and i just love them! They look so adorable and grown up clipped! What age do you usually clip, wean and show? I would love to see your foals, Thanks Helen
I showed only one of my weanlings this year (last year I showed FOUR, yikes that was a circus, lol).

This is Magic Mist Remember Me ("Remmy") and she was just over four months old at this show, her first and only one of the year. She was still on her dam, took both of them to the show so that Remmy would be less stressed. It makes for more misbehaving in the show ring, but oh well, it was worth it.
This little girl was clipped at about 6 weeks. She was also shown that week. She was shown almost every month since that time, and has now completed her fourth and final show of her weanling year.


This was taken in July, after her second clip and show. She's already gotten quite a few HOF points and All Star points, too!

I think all the clipping/showing/weaning decisions are individual. For me, if the mare is tolerant, both are healthy, then I will clip when the weather is suitable, but usually only for shows or photos.

Weaning happens after four months, as a rule, around here, but has taken up to 6 or 7 depending on the horses.


Liz M.
Here she is at her first show:


appr. 6.5 weeks old.

Here she is at the third one, Aug. 18th.


Almost four months old exactly.


Here she is about a week and a half later, four months and ten days old.

Liz M.
I love showing the babies...but didn't show any of my foals this year, as I directed all my show money to putting my 2-year old filly "Lacy" with a trainer.

I still body clip and take them to parades, equine functions, nursing home visits, etc.

Here is Apache, one of our 2005 foals after his first clip at approx 1 mo. old. (partial clip actually..everything but his ears & lower legs in this shot).


Here is Baylee...another one of our 2005 foals, after her first clip at approx 2 mo. old....and still under 20".


Here is little Diego. I think he was around a month when these were taken. He hasn't been shown yet. I will be waiting for next year as I just got him yesterday and he needs to learn to stand still. He is a little porker right now, too!


[SIZE=12pt]Here is "my baby", Erica's Gone and DunIT. I think he was about 5 months old in these pictures that were taken mid-July. He will be at the AMHR Nationals.[/SIZE]







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Here is my new little fellow,just clipped,
--Oak Parks SS Royal Destiny, at 5 months old. Corinne
We don't show foals that often, and never clip them unless they go to a show.


Circle J Jazz Man, 2005 colt, he was almost 4 months at the show he went to.


Circle J Harmony Bellz, 2003 filly, she was only 2.5 months for the show (and this picture), and though she's almost grown up, she's still a big baby and can't imagine why she doesn't get to be a show horse all the time!

Wow, aren't they a chubby pair! Their respective mommies are good milkers!
Here is my baby! THis was taking at the AREA 4 show on July 3rd weekend! She has yet to get into the show ring due to me knot knowing how much troble getting her registered would be! Be she is heading to AMHR Nationals this week with her papers in hand! She was 2 1/2 months in this pic!

This is a filly we bought in March at two months old, she was foaled Jan 11. This photo was taken July 3rd at her one and only show this year. She had been clipped one other time before this and hasn't been clipped since. We really love this filly and can't wait to see her grown up a bit more. And yes she is big, she measured 29" at this show but she was also 6 months old already.

Ravenwood AJH Imperial Destiny, she is a Roan Ranger grand daughter

This is the only weanling we showed this year, in 1 show. He now belongs to a "newbie" to minis.

He was just under 6 wks old at the show. Momma Grace was standing at the gate while he was in his class. He was actually really well behaved for his age and experience. Even the judges said so.

Sagebrush Tamales Full Throttle

Ok maybe this doesn't count, because only his head and neck are clipped. I don't dare clip him off completely because it's been getting about 45 degrees at night here! I took these over the weekend and I thought they turned out pretty good considering I didn't have any help...



This is our colt Firewaters Buck Bayou


This is our filly H&HS Kore of Olympus
We didn't have our own foals this year, but we bought two weanling colts...

Winning Streaks All Jazzed Up is my black and white pinto, he was born in early March, then clipped for a Liz M. shoot in April, the Julep Cup show in July, and again for a local show just a couple weeks ago (He's really good for clipping now!) and here's two pics...

This one is right after his April clipping:


And this is after his July clipping:


Mystique Feather's Soaring Spirit is my parent's sorrel near leopard colt, he was born mid March, and his first clipping was in early July, and his only other clipping was also just a couple weeks ago for a local show, but I don't have any pics from that, so here are two pics of him after his first clipping:



And I love the other baby's pics! SOOOO CUTE!

Here is Black Ties Whistlin Dixie, a filly we showed as a weanling...she is just over 2 months in these pictures....



And one as she was waiting to go into her class....she was not excited at all about being made to wait!


We don't generally show weanlings but I do clip them once or twice when it gets really hot in summer.

Here is C Spots Calista Falabella at 3 months old after being clipped-




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