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Carolyn R

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May 10, 2007
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I have heard a little about this stuff on here. When my vet was here to do a foal check/IgG test, I asked her what was her best course of action for foal runs. She said they started using biosponge. I bought some off of her (you can get it off the web too) anticipating that the little petri dish would get the runs. Well, at two weeks exactly, she had very watery stools and a LOUD gut. As per the vets instruvctions (nothing can be substituted for a good vets advice) I gave her biosponge 4x a day, probios paste 2x a day, pepto every 3-6 hours (only needed to give it 2x) and SMALL amounts of electrolite paste. Her stools went from watery to semi solid in 6-8 hours, she had a completely dry tail in 24 hours. I was expecting a few days, not hours. It is deffinately worth having on hand if you have foals.

I just wanted to share.

I ordered biosponge this year but havent had to use it yet... I had heard so much good about it I figured it would be well worth having on hand
It is a great product. I only have one foal of three this year who has had a problem with diarrhea, but she is on BioSponge and much improved within a day.

It is a GREAT product!!!!! I have a yearling filly who got the squirts in December. I tried everything, including Fasttract. Nothing worked, I took her of her grain and then took her off alfalfa hay, again nothing worked. My vet gave me BioSponge and wala, she got better!!! She started in again the other day, and since I bought a pail of the stuff (it has no shelf life date, so it is good forever as long as you do not add water) I started her on it again, she cleared up right away!
Can you tell us where you are buying this please??.

I would like to have this on hand.

Thank you.
Our vet put our newborn foal on it last year when he had the runs...cleared it up quickly. I had never heard of it until then, I keep it on hand at all times now.

Great stuff to have around!

I know one of you mentioned that you had the tub of powder but did any of you get the paste? The paste is what I have and the instructions on it are for a full sized horse so when I called and ordered I talked to one of the representatives and they told me to give a miniature horse foal 5ccs 2 times a day if they get diareha? For those of you that have actually been using it what have you used dosage wise?


Can you tell us where you are buying this please??.

I would like to have this on hand.

Thank you.

I ordered mine from

It comes in a bucket that is powder and you mix water with what you need or it comes in a paste that is like a dewormer or probios tube... I ordered the paste as I thought that would be easier to administer but depends on what you like
I got it from my vet, but will be ordering more off the internet.

The two main sites that I found are


or directly from platinum at

I deffinately won't be without some on hand. It will be right there in my med kit with probiotic paste and paste electrolites.



It states that it can be given 3-4 day, so after talking to my vet, we decided that since the stools were so watery, we were going to start out with the more frequent dose. Once everything subsided, the "follow up" day I only gave 2 doses.
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Can you tell us where you are buying this please??.

I would like to have this on hand.

Thank you. This is the web site that you can get this.

You can keep a horse on this forever if needed. That is what they told me at platinume performance. You can by the past, but that is expensive and has a shelf life. The powder will last forever if you do not add water. It is very easy to add water and mix with the grain.
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Platinum Performance's Bio-Sponge is an excellent product. Being a clay, it won't go bad so yes it's expensive but can be a lifesaver in helping control diarrhea. You can keep a horse on it indefinitely if you have to...

So for those of you who bought and used this - the powder form - it is 1 scoop for every 30lbs bodyweight. Add in 2cc's of water at a time until you make a paste.
I keep Platinum Performance's Bio-Sponge on hand - it is a wonderful product! So are all of the Platinum Performance products - I use them for my horses and for myself!

Liz R.
You GOTTA just love CLAY!

Is it a white powder or a grey powder?
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