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Jan 4, 2012
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Hi, I am new here, I have followed the forums for a long time, and have even been a member for awhile but have never posted lol. I have a maiden mare, she is a 30.5", four year old Buckeroo G-daughter.
She was put with the stud in heat, a covering was witnessed, and no other heat cycle was of course that doesn't mean it didn't happen!
IF she really did take that first time, then today, around this time is her due date. I was just curious what others think. I THOUGHT she was really dropping a little while back, but she has been shedding like crazy and the more she sheds the more I realize she isn't as dropped as I thought and that a lot of what I thought was tummy dropping, was hair. Haha! She had NO bag up until about 3 weeks ago, then started to develope one. The weird thing is, the photos I took of her bag today is NOT how it has been looking, even looked fuller before the pic was taken. She was hyper today and ran all over the pasture, bucking even, and when I pulled her in for pics her udder was "gone" this something anyone else has experienced?? I will attach a photo of her bag from a week or so ago and todays and you will see what I mean. Her "little miss" has always been kind of puffy and loose looking to not sure what is going on there either. She is cranky about being touched around her belly etc and won't let me get anything for a milk test, even if she had something to test. So, you think soon? Or still time? I understand maiden's don't always look so "dropped" since their tummies are still firm from never having had a foal yet? Does this tend to be true? I have her under a cam just so I can keep a good eye on her but I am just curious. Please excuse the bad pics...she really is a nice mare when she isn't fuzzy, tied funny and pregnant lol.

*** I know the bag pics are dif angles, BUT the one on the TOP was from a few weeks ago, the one on the BOTTOM was from today. Notice how the one from today, it looks shriveled and wrinkly compared to the one a few weeks back looks plump? She was not so dry looking before she went bonkers in the paddock...??? Do certain things like weather, exercise etc affect the bag? ***

IMG_4258 copy.jpg

IMG_4241 copy.jpg

IMG_4254 copy.jpg

IMG_4248 copy.jpg


IMG_4251 copy.jpg
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hi and welcome,,,she sure does look prego to me its normal for them to take about 3 to 6 or 7 weeks to fill there udders up

have you got any photos of her not prego.....................
Just a couple that were taken last year I think. I have only had her for a few months and she is suppose to be at the end. Photos courtesy High Meadow Miniatures...well wait, I can't figure out how to attach pics...the first time I posted had an attachment option but now I am not seeing it in the reply?...?
Hi and Welcome
Let me start by saying how gorgeous your girl is, and how she looks very much pregnant. How long have you had her and as Jenny says, could we see a picture of her not preggo or when you bought her if it was months ago.

A maiden mare can (and will) do whatever she feels as they have rarely read "the foaling manual" Their udders do go down during the day after exercise so don't worry about that but be warned that some maidens will form an udder after foaling so don't rely only on that only. Her Hooha looks very puffy, did she look like that a few weeks ago? Can you get her cam on line so we can help you watch her?

Renee from Italy
Hi everyone, thanks for the compliments. Yes that is her, and no she isn't bred to the cremello but the grulla pinto, sorry, I am a dun fanatic so that is really why I bought her, hoping for a dun filly in any shade. I know she IS pregnant...I guess I am just trying to guess how far along now lol. And yes, I also had noticed her teats were pointing down and had good space lol so that is good.
Her due date was estimated by the first set of coverings seen and put on a 335 day time if that is correct, today would be day 336 BUT as we have been discussing, she may have snuck in another cycle later that wasn't noticed. Her "little miss" has always been puffier and softer looking since I have had her than a lot I see, I do know it made a change recently as it peeled a layer of old skin from stretching. I haven't given up, lol it is just one of those things where when you have to be on alert for so many days and you aren't sure when the time is coming...gets tiring hehe. For those who have asked her barn cam is not through marestare. I happened to be married to a computer tech/genius really, who set up our own network and service without the high fees...BUT it runs off of the property owners internet (we board our horses unfortunately) and we can't have a lot of outside watchers or it will bog down his internet as his net service isn't the greatest. I will try to post another pic of her, but if you would like to see who she is bred to, visit the High Meadow Miniatures web site and look up Hot Rod as I really don't like swiping photos from others sites.
The buckskin is HER sire, so will be foals grand-dad.


Bar B King Buckeroo2.jpg
Thanks for the update. I know how tiring it can be, until last year I pasture bred and foaling season seemed to go on forever. I used to have 5 mares foaling and it was a nightmare of sleepless nights.

Lets hope she goes soon
Eagle, it is nice to know I am not alone in my tiredness...though I shouldn't be happy others suffer But it is such a fun way to suffer! LOL. The breeder is confident that she should be due around now, at the latest a cycle behind which would mean she had another 3-4 weeks but we will see. I am so excited...that sounds like such a long wait.
Here's a snapshot take of her this morn with the marecam when I checked in, just kicking back, relaxing.

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Thanks for the update. I know how tiring it can be, until last year I pasture bred and foaling season seemed to go on forever. I used to have 5 mares foaling and it was a nightmare of sleepless nights.

Lets hope she goes soon
Tired? We get tired? I knew there was a reason for some of the stuff that has been going on with me....and I already have my foals. It is a lot of work being second mom to them and mom to the herd. One day this week I was typing at work and suddenly jerked
reallizing I had been asleep
looked at the screen and this is what it looked like: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

:frusty I am also battling staying awake driving home.

Welcome to the board Quester. Looking forward to watching your pretty mare's progess.
:ThumbUpShe is nice. She gets 4 thumbs up!
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Very pretty girl. Cant wait to see her baby.

My mare who was a maiden last yr was covered and stayed in season for about 10 days and then nothing till about 6 wks later I noticed that she was hanging by the stallion so checked her over and he had been covering her but it was only for about 2 days so I made a note but worked off the first date. So she didnt even look remotely close on her first date so then decided to off the next date and she foaled one wk before her 2nd date and this foal was not over cooked it was a little bag of bones filly so it looks like her 2 day sneaky rondevu was the one that got her caught.

You just cant trust these ladies. They write a new rule book every yr
Thanks for the compliments, and yes, they certainly do things their way don't they. If she were not a maiden mare I would say she is not ready, being a maiden mare, I just feel like she could have it tomorrow and say "In your face, I'm a maiden! Take that!"
As some of you may know, BB came down with Rhino last week. It was a combination of dropping the ball on multiple peoples ends... Owners taking horses to public areans not vaccinated, property owner not alerting other boarders there was an outbreak, assuming she had been vaccinated, etc etc. In the end, the deed is done and must be dealt with. She is doing okay, has not aborted, has not had a fever, does have a cough, is on day 4, eating, drinking, minimal runny nose...but she use to lay down ALL the time and sleep and rest, she has not laid down at all since she has been they lay down less towards the end of pregnancy these little guys? Or does Rhino make it harder to get good air if you are laying down, anyone have any ideas or thoughts? Thanks.
Targetsmom is the best one to talk to about rhino. I have only had one mare with it so not much experience. I would think the not laying down is cos she is close to foal.

I am sending prayers that all goes well.
Thanks guys, this is what my vet told me originally: He said if it was the strain of rhino that causes abortion (when it crosses through to the foal via the umbilical chord), nothing could be done and usually they abort within 2-3 days, stillborn regardless of how far along. She is on day 4 so hopefully that is a good thing that she does NOT have that strain. He said if it is another strain, that keeping her stress level low and fever down would prevent a stress related abortion. Thus far she only had a slight fever of 102.2 and by the time I got back from the vet with the meds it was back down to normal and hasn't gone above 100-101, checking it three times a day, he doesn't want me to medicate her for fever unless it is present. She does have the cough and runny nose but is still on feed. The other horses, even some on day 4 like her have had it a lot worse so hopefully my many prayers are being answered. I actually just thought that exact thing today, what I need to do to prevent foal from catching it if it is born and still present in mom. Left a message with vet and hope to hear soon. I actually hope she holds off on foaling for a bit until it clears the air more... He also said it is possible it isn't even a rhino strain but some other "cold/flu" like bug that will run its course.
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My thoughts are with you
Nothing worse then an ill mare infoal and I hope she recovers well.
So sorry! I am praying for your mare and foal
Photos of progression of bag, dramatic change from yesterday to today, take pics about same time daily. Doesn't look dropped yet though to me...Whatcha all think?




IMG_4321 copy.jpg
how is BB and her little one doing now? I hope they are both ok... how exhausting for you

praying for you both!

WOW I would watch her like a hawk! her teats are already septerated! so she could go anytime! glad she is doing ok!
Cassie, I hope they are both okay, Momma is still coughing and I still need to find out from the vet what to do for kid if they come now with her still sick...I hope she holds out a little longer until this rhino blows out a little around the barn...We will see what the vet says tomorrow and I will keep you all posted, her bag changed a lot from yesterday to today...
But she doesn't look dropped...her "little miss" is soft, puffy and stretched but has been for weeks...She is sort of off her feed but that rhino will do that too, she won't lay down and she use to a LOT and sleep for LONG periods of time...but I think when she lays right now she has coughing fits so I think it is more for that reason than close to foaling...I guess we will see...
Quester I am sorry I don't know your name, Your mare looks very close to foaling to me so I would not leave her for 1 minute alone. Are you or someone sleeping over at the barn? Can you post a photo of her from behind to see the position of the foal and a photo of her hooha?

Thanks Renee

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