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Sep 29, 2005
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How old does a foal have to be to body clipped?

Ours was born with a full wintercoat and it is now starting to climb in to the 90s. Is it best to let them shed out as much as possible?
[SIZE=12pt]I'd say at least a month old, but if you clip with the lay of the hair or with a 5 blade AND protect it from sun/cool nights and bugs it should be OK.[/SIZE]

I just wanted to add in on this but if it is in the 90's JMO then I say go for it. if you are worried about the cold then just head and neck him/her.

My baby that was born in Jan. is clipped (he went to his firts show 2 weeks ago) and wears a blanket at night. I head and necked my one month old filly a week ago. and my 3 week old got done on Sun (head and neck) Keep in mind theses babies are in the barn at night and if it is cool out they stay in.

I also get a little bit clipper happy in the spring time.

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