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Feb 3, 2004
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Has anyone used this? It used to be called Bute Less. Did it work for you?

My 32 yr old needs pain relief from arthritis. Scotch and I thank you for your help.
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Ok, I'm back. The B-L is less expensive and for the older mares is super. My daughter used it on her 27 yr old qtr horse and she went on to ride again and enjoy her life. She's even jump a cross rail on a great day. She's 33 now. The horse.

I love that stuff because I am not a fan of Bute. I have used that for several years on my big horses and my little ones and have had great results and best of all the horses LIKE to eat it. I would highly recomend it. Two thumbs up here!

Dimimore can you remember the dose and how long was the mare on it?
[SIZE=12pt]I too have had very good success with the BL Solution.[/SIZE]

I used it for my dwarf Little Bit, when his hip broke, when we were weaning him off of the Banamine. And I started my other little dwarf Inky on it, who had been gimpy and stoved up for 8 months, the vets had x-rayed him from the hooves up and could not find anything structurally wrong with the little fella. I started him on a human joint supplement as well, (which you may want to consider giving your horse as well) called JOINT CARE, I buy it at Sam's Warehouse. Along with a Tablespoon of the BL Solution and and extra teaspoon of MSM and within a week he was walking much better, within 2 weeks you could hardly tell anything was ever wrong with this little guy and he started trotting for the first time and you should see him run now!!!

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