Are they in foal or not?

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Mar 20, 2006
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These are my two 'iffy' mares, some days they look bred, some days they don't.. The pinto mare is one that we did a wefoal on and got hard to read results, did a second test and got the same thing as the first :DOH! By the size of their bellies I'd say no, as to me they don't look big enough even though last year they didn't get that big and neither really showed until the last few weeks to month before they foaled.. Both have udder changes going on as well.. Neither have shown heat signs lately either.. Not a biggy if they turn up open, will rebreed for earlier foals in 2009..

First gal is at 299 days today, last year she foaled on 333, didn't bag up until a couple weeks before foaling, will be her third foal if bred.. She was bred on one heat cycle last spring and never showed heat signs again..

(First set of pictures taken today)




(the couple below are from a month ago)



Second mare is at 275 days today, last year she foaled on 318 with a tiny filly and didn't show much belly, she was bred on a heat cycle, came back into heat so was covered again and never showed signs after that.

(first set of pictures taken today)





(pictures below from a month ago)


They don't look pregnant to me.
Even my three maiden mares that foaled this year were showing more obvious signs of being pregnant by the gestation your mares are at currently. You say they have changes in their udders? I couldn't tell from the pics. If they really are pregnant, you will see some dramatic changes very quickly now, I'd think. I do hope that they are for you!
The bay mare you can see her udder from a distance now when before you couldn't, also you can see in the pics that in the earlier ones the teats touched and now in the newer ones the udder has expanded and they no longer touch and are pointing outward.. The pinto mare, you can too now see her udder from a distance, udder skin was flat and just felt like loose skin but now actually feels like it's filling.. Looking at the size of them, I feel no, but the udder changes have me thinking maybe.. :DOH!
Guess we'll wait and see
I beleive your mares ARE IN FOAL! I have a maiden mare that is due the end of June and looks exactly like your bay mare. She also has some solidness to her udder.
I think the pinto mare is bred; the bay is not. You'll definitely have to let us know how it turns out!
Well I guess it'll be a wait and see game
Will keep you updated on the gals, *hopefully* we'll get babies out of them but if not, we'll wait for babies next year! lol

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