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Feb 27, 2005
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I know fake tails are legal in the quarter horse association, but since I have never shown a mini, I don't know about in AMHA and AMHR. I have a 3 year old filly that I bought who needed serious work (feet, weight etc). In addition, her tail appears to have been chewed on by other horses. She is a very pretty sorrel pinto and I would like to show her later this year. But with her skimpy tail, she wouldn't do very well. Are fake tails legal? Thanks!
[SIZE=14pt]In AMHR only in the park harness class. Never in halter.[/SIZE]

lyn_j said:
[SIZE=14pt]In AMHR only in the park harness class. Never in halter.[/SIZE]Lyn


Well Darn it All, there goes my plans! Do horses with skimpy tails ever place? he he
[SIZE=14pt]Depends how skimpy[/SIZE]

lyn_j said:
[SIZE=14pt]Depends how skimpy[/SIZE]Lyn


WEll...unfortunately pretty skimpy. It's short too. How long does it take to grow a tail? I would think 2 years anyway. The other mare I got has a great tail, but she's looney tunes still.
[SIZE=14pt]if it is to her hocks or above it can take 2 years depending. Fancy had her tail chewed almost up to the bone two years ago and it is dragging the ground now.[/SIZE]

lyn_j said:
[SIZE=14pt]if it is to her hocks or above it can take 2 years depending. Fancy had her tail chewed almost up to the bone two years ago and it is dragging the ground now.[/SIZE]Lyn


Thanks Lynn, I can only hope Breezy has the same results as your Fancy!
I wish they would change the rule and allow halter horses to wear a fake tail. "ONLY in halter and Park". Not EVERYONE has stalls and the perfect horse setup. Then of corse the chewed tails.
There was a mare at a show recently that I was at and there was a mare who had a half of a tail. It had been eaten off by another horse. She placed real good but it was very hard to over look on this nice mare.
I agree. Most of the QH do it in halter and pleasure and they use them in 4H etc. I've seen it in reining as well. Looks like we are behind the times.
[SIZE=14pt]Aubrey was that a rated amha or amhr show??[/SIZE]

To help along the growth, you could keep her tail braided and bagged 24/7. This will make it so the tail hairs dont brake off as easily. It sure does make a difference. You can also buy Shapley's MTG at your local tack improves the growth, tail rubbing etc etc.

good luck!!

I htink the bottom line is a nice horse with a scrawny tail will place over a lesser horse with a full tail.

I showed a appy gelding with a pulled mane for a couple of years (he had a horrible appy mane and it looked better that way) he took several grands and first places it never hurt him
I do not count disallowing fake anything as behind the times. I count it as ahead of the herd!!!
rabbitsfizz said:
I do not count disallowing fake anything as behind the times.  I count it as ahead of the herd!!!

Well, sorry if my comment upset you, but seems that there is a lot of "touching up" etc done in the mini area, so adding a tail didn't seem to me to be that much different. Especially, when accidents can happen. I used to feel the way you do when we showed QH, but I have adjusted my opinion somewhat especially now that I have a horse with a chewed off tail.
Ha, even the Morgans don't allow fake tails yet, and I have to say that's a good thing. The trouble with allowing fake tails in halter classes....once you allow fake tails, it doesn't just allow a fake tail which hides a chewed off also allows the tails like they use on the park horses. Once you put a tail like that on a halter horse, it changes the whole ball game (oh yes it does, so don't deny it! A horse looks quite different with an ordinary tail than he does with a park horse tail that looks like it's been in a tail set.)

Years back there were some trying to get fake tails allowed in the Morgan show rings. Of course the saddlebred trainers who also train/show Morgans were all in favor of it. As one said, she was all in favor of "anything to win".

Those with the "anything to win" attitude are lurking here in the Mini breed too, whether you want to believe it or not.

Yes, it is unfortunate when a wonderful show horse gets his/her tail chewed off or rubbed out, but if that's my show horse I'd rather have that horse stay home a year or two instead of having to put fake tails on all my show horses in order to win. I know you probably don't believe that a fake "set" tail would end up meaning the difference between winning or losing, but yes, it would!
I SO agree with you, Minimor!

I was shocked to see the Fake tails on the park horses. I don't think we need them there, or in any other other classes. Our miniatures aren't saddlebreds, and don't need the added "flash". A Good Park Harness horse will impress you enough without worrying about the the tail looks like.

OK - flame away.
No Flames here, I agree completely. Nothing like that is allowable in ANY class over here- and we have seriously "Flashy" Hackneys!! Since the playing field is level, none have the strange tails, all look the same, no problem. A lot of Societies do not even have rules banning them (we do!!) as it has not occurred to people to use them. I used one before the ban, but all it did was make the horses tail look "normal" anything else would have disqualified her immediately. If all "Park Horses" were prevented from using them, all Saddlebreds, etc they would all look the same, and could be judged accordingly. I do not need to tack a high tail carriage on my horse to win. OK, NOW I'M getting out the flameproof underwear!!!

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