Anyone on the FODMAPS diet?

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Apr 21, 2009
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Are any of you on the FODMAPS diet, for IBS in particulair? After 2-3 years of practically symptom free IBS it has flaired up awfully. My gastro Doc sent me an article about the FODMAPS diet; I guess to try. Basically, I guess it is a gluten free, low sugar/specified sugar diet. I have been tested and do not have celiac. The article mentions working with a dietician familair with that diet to get started on it; but there are hardly any in the U.S. Anyway-I wondered if anyone was on it and how it was working for you, etc. (I got to get my system straightened up again!).


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May 16, 2006
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London, ON
I don't have IBS, but I am severely gluten-intolerant; it crept up on me when I hit 30. It was a gradual thing that got to be horrible after about a year. I don't just have bloating etc., I throw up and am in agony for up to 6 hours if gluten gets inside of me. Thankfully, due to being very careful, I haven't been sick in a few years.

I actually consider the fact that I got this as a blessing in a way. Many people, after 30, put on weight and get unhealthy if they continue to eat the way they did in their teens and don't exercise. I always ate fairly well, but after getting this I eat super healthy now; no cakes, pies, cookies etc. I will sometimes indulge in the odd GF cookie etc., but not often.

So some of the foods I eat are:

Lots of vegetables (broccoli, peas, cauliflower etc.)/squashes/salads

Chick peas (I make lots of hummus), lentils, and other beans (I make an awesome black bean soup with chicken and brown rice)

Brown rice (and other rices), brown rice pasta (when I have pasta)/brown rice bread (I buy El Peto mix for my bread maker)

Very little red meat. Lots of chicken, fish, eggs, and tofu.

Lots of water. Very very little pop (may have 1 diet coke per week)

So a typical day may look like this:


Fruit smoothie made with lots of fresh and frozen fruit/yogurt/honey/tofu or a slice of brown rice toast with soy butter or peanut butter


A soup I've made (maybe butternut squash or black bean etc.)

Maybe some tuna salad wrapped in lettuce

Dried fruit for dessert (sometimes I will have chocolate...)


Chicken, roasted potatoes, salad


May make some air popped popcorn while watching something

I eat very little processed food; most of the food we eat at home is prepared by myself. It becomes second nature very quickly. I pass by McDonalds and really wonder how I could have ever eaten there.


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Mar 26, 2006
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Askov, MN
Would you share your black bean soup recipe please? I recently started eating a lot more black bean stuff and would love a soup recipe. Thanks!

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