Anyone in Iowa who shows, or trains for Shows?

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Mar 9, 2004
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Queen Creek, Arizona
I am wondering how many out there in Iowa show, and train for showing their minis.... I have a friend located in "Chariton, Iowa", that is thinking about showing a Stallion that she has recently purchased from me. She is hoping to find someone out her way that she could maybe visit with sometime, and learn from. Thank you in advance..
Margaret, please tell your friend to come this Tuesday August 16th to the AMHR Iowa State Fair Miniature show. Halter classes start at 8:00a.m at the west horse arena by the horse barn and will premier some of Iowa's finest mini people along with many fine people from out of state. It is such a good show to get a flavor of what showing styles are like and meet great "mini" people. There will be some top trainers at the show also if she is looking to go the trainer route.

Addmission to the Iowa State Fair will get you into everything at the fair and the miniature show. Driving classes are in the evening and open to spectators for a small fee. It is an ELECTRIC attomsphere at the fair and lots of fun. You could spend all day just at the horse show alone! So much to see.
Read and find out about daily events at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, IA at The butter cow lady Duffy Lyon is sculpting Tiger Woods among her regular sculptures. So many neat places to see....good fun for all ages! Can you tell I am proud of our State Fair?

I am not an experienced show person and on opposite end of state from your friend. The Iowa Mini club has a website which may help finding a mentor close to her.

You may ask Larry and Lavonne Parks also(Timberview Appy's), they are really good mini folks(their address/website is in IA club member list). They will be at the state fair Tuesday along with many more club members. Look for the PURPLE stall curtains.
I'll be the guy with eyes like this all day
. Hope she can come and enjoy the day with us all!
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Thanks Russ, I cut and pasted your letter to her. She will be thankful and thrilled with so much information....
Glad to help out your friend! I added the link above to the State Fair for reference in case she needed it.
Would be fun to see lots attend the mini show this Tuesday......hope she can come!
She has allready e-mailed me back and has planned to go..And added she is looking foward to meeting lots of horse people over the course of the day...Thanks again!
That's great news Margaret!!! She will really enjoy the show/meet lots of people and take in the entire fair experience!

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