Anyone here going to the mini auction

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May 7, 2004
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Northern WI
Just taking roll call
Last spring I went but didn't know who anyone from the forum was. A friend of mine and I are going.
I might go just to watch, if I can figure out where it is and how to get there. I would NEVER buy a horse off this sale thou.
Is it the 17th or the 24th? I am hoping its the 24 as I will be up that way on that day.
I like to see what's there but I have no plans to buy a horse. I've cut back on how many I have. I do need some tack tho. It is on the 17th. I went to the one last fall and the one this spring. I think at last falls sale the highest price horse went for $1200 and colts went low like $75 (I think)
It is real easy to Find.. I-94 And HI-Way 93~!!! Just South of that Intersection back in where the Eau Claire County fair grounds are...And there will be a sign on 93 Pointing the way to turn which is West off of 93 ...Ok there ya go real easy directions.. I live South of Eau Claire so I take 93 North. I am about 16 miles away~! Cool eh? I am not sure yet if I buy anything from this sale or wait till the Spring one..Now that we are going into winter and such,,,,
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I'm going and am planning on buying at least 10 bred mares, maybe more. Just KIDDING
Not even taking a trailor!!
Well you all know if I go, you will all be able to pick me out. I will the one that looks like they dont fit in the horse world. (the tattoos and peirceings)

WHat time does it start.
Ashley, they start selling tack at 10:00 with horses and ponies to follow.

I just checked my last years sale catalog and there were 124 horses listed but then there were several "no shows!"

Annnnnnd don't let Marnie kid you - HMMMMMM! Not Taking a trailer!! That is because she is going with me and we ARE taking my trailer!!!
But I didn't lie, I'm not taking MY trailor!!
Not going, I guess I am rather fussy on where my horses come from.....Ok...putting on my flame proof suit now....SORRY, but its just the way I feel about buying from sales. I do know of horses that were brought to this sale in the past and why. I also know people who have bought from this sale in the past..... No, Marnie, you didnt lie--your NOT taking YOUR trailer, but just in case, Donna, I am sure will have room in hers!
Marnie, just remember to at least take YOUR checkbook so you dont have to use Donnas!
Have fun!! Corinne
I guess a person can buy a bad horse at any sale or from a private person. I did buy a horse from this sale last yr and I thought she moved odd in the ring but someone by me thought it was just that she was nervous or scared of the footing. Turns out there was something wrong with her back, they must have had her on bute that day too. I took her home and theres seriously something wrong with her but I didn't bring her back to the sale and dump her off, I have a neighbor lady who helps me with the horses when I need help and she liked Nellie so I gave her to her for a yard ornament, not to be bred. Her previous owner, when called, just acted stupid, like duh, what are you talking about. But that can happen at any sale, it's a chance a person takes. I also bought a horse from a SD sale, from the owner, he actually said to me "my mistake, your pocketbook, sorry", shame on him. But I still like sales but at this time, it'd take quite the horse to make me buy but thats only because I'm seriously downsizing, I doubt such a creature will be at this sale or any others that I get to. I only go because it's close by and a relaxing day for us. And I like to see alot of my friends on that day too, Jeri, Wanda, Jeannie, etc, maybe I'll get to meet you Tobey.
I think I'll just start asking everyone what their name is when I'm there
I know last spring too there were forum members there but I tend to be shy--gotta break out of that! Marnie hope to meet you too!!
Tobey said:
I think I'll just start asking everyone what their name is when I'm there 
  I know last spring too there were forum members there but I tend to be shy--gotta break out of that!  Marnie hope to meet you too!!

Hi Tobey

You will be able to recognize me without any problem
I will be the one with no hair on my head wearing a scarf or a Chemo Cap and my Hubby is REALLY TALL and skinny and I am plump little thing. We probably will have our seats towards the front of the bleacher in the center section and if you find me I will introduce you to Marnie since and Donna if you have not found them before you meet up with me.

See Ya Saturday!

Oh and Ashly I would love to meet you also and will look for you there and anyone else who wants to meet me just look for my cap or scarf

now I know to look for the lady with the scarf and the one with piercings and tatoos
Terri is coming with me. I have been looking forward to going for sometime now. Not that we have to buy a mini but just a fun day out. See ya'all there

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