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May 5, 2007
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I have 2 mares that are amha reg. I just found out I can reg them amhr but thier dam was never brought perm. My question is can I still reg my mares amhr. Thier is no way of getting a hold of previous owner. Would amhr let me do it since they are amha reg already???
I do believe that their dam has to be brought permanent in order for them to be registered AMHR, or perhaps you could just hardship them in with AMHR without their dam being permanent??? You could also probably pay the fee for their dam to bring her permanent ($15 I believe?) and then be able to register your two as well..
The dam is still reg under Reece and I contacted her and she said she sold the mare yrs ago. She is over 20 yr old so It is impossable to even find the owner. I really didnt want to spend the 260 to reg her under AMHR when this is the only hold up. Ugh!!!!
I think your only recourse will be to pay the "hardship" fee of $200 plus the $60 registration fee for each of your mares. If you cannot locate the mares' dams then you cannot get the height measurements and the photos you need to bring them permanent.
A lot of horses out grow thier size and thier foals are still reg. Oh man this stinks/
Your best bet under those circumstances is to use the AMHA papers and pay the "hardship" fee. And yes, it does stink. But if your horse is worth it. It's worth it.

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Oh she is worth it. I was just being chea[

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